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UAE Phone NumberFormat and Examples

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), mobile phone numbers follow a specific format that includes the exit code, UAE country code (971), mobile operator code, and the contact’s phone number. Understanding this structure is crucial for efficient communication with in the country. Additionally, if you are specifically interested in mobile phone numbers in Dubai, you can use the Dubai mobile number code within the UAE’s format.

A. Mobile Phone Numbers

A mobile phone number in the UAE consists of several components that ensure proper routing and connection. These components include the exit code, UAE country code, mobile operator code, and the contact’s phone number. Each element is necessary for dialing a mobile phone number within the UAE.

Exit Code

The exit code is the number you dial to make an international call. In the case of the UAE, the exit code is typically “00.” When dialing a mobile phone number in the UAE from another country, you will need to include this exit code.

UAE Country Code (971)

The UAE country code is +971. It is essential to include this code when dialing a mobile phone number within the country or calling the UAE from abroad. The country code ensures that the call is routed to the correct country.

Mobile Operator Code

In the UAE, each mobile network operator has a unique code assigned to it. This operator code helps route the call to the correct network and ensures proper connectivity. The operator codes can vary depending on the specific mobile network provider.

Contact’s Phone Number

The contact’s phone number is the specific number you want to dial within the UAE. It consists of a series of digits that uniquely identify the individual or business. The contact’s phone number is dialed after including the exit code, UAE country code, and mobile operator code.

Example: +971-XX-1234567 (Dubai)

Let’s look at an example of a mobile phone number in Dubai to better understand the UAE phone number format:

Exit Code00The international exit code to initiate an international call
UAE Country Code+971The country code for the UAE
Mobile Operator CodeXXThe operator code assigned to the specific mobile network provider
Contact’s Phone Number1234567The unique phone number of the contact or business

Putting everything together, a mobile phone number in Dubai could be represented as +971-XX-1234567. The specific operator code and contact’s phone number will vary depending on the mobile network provider and the individual or business you are contacting.

Dubai Landline Number

B. UAE Landline Numbers Example

In addition to mobile phone numbers, landline numbers are also widely used in the UAE. Understanding the format of UAE landline numbers is essential for seamless communication within the country. The format of UAE landline numbers includes the exit code, UAE country code (971), area code, and the contact’s phone number.

Exit Code

When making international calls to a UAE landline number, the exit code varies depending on the country. The exit code is used to initiate the call and connect to the UAE’s telephone network.

UAE Country Code (971)

The UAE country code is +971. It is an essential part of UAE landline numbers and is dialed after the exit code to specify that the call is intended for the United Arab Emirates.

Area Code

In the UAE, each emirate or city has a specific area code. The area code is used to identify the geographical location associated with the landline number.

Contact’s Phone Number

The contact’s phone number is the unique identification number assigned to each landline connection within the specified area code.

Example: 011-971-6-1234567 (Ajman)

Here is an example of a UAE landline number from Ajman:

Exit CodeUAE Country Code (971)Area CodeContact’s Phone NumberLocation

When dialing this landline number, you would first dial the exit code (011), followed by the UAE country code (971), then the area code (6), and finally the contact’s phone number (1234567). This example showcases the format for a landline number in Ajman, but other emirates may have different area codes.

Special Prefix for UAE Numbers

In the context of UAE phone numbers, there is a special prefix that holds great importance. This prefix is +971, which is the country code for the United Arab Emirates. The +971 prefix acts as a unique identifier and plays a vital role in enabling seamless communication within and outside the UAE.

A. Importance of +971 Prefix

The +971 prefix is of utmost importance when dialing UAE phone numbers. It not only indicates that the number belongs to the UAE but also ensures that the call is directed to the correct destination. By including the +971 prefix, callers can establish clear and accurate connections with individuals and businesses in the UAE.

Detailed understanding and correct usage of the +971 prefix are crucial for effective communication, especially in international settings. Without the +971 prefix, it may be challenging to connect to the intended recipient or even reach the correct country.

B. Symbolism of +971 in UAE

The +971 prefix holds significant symbolism in the UAE, representing the country’s identity and global recognition. The inclusion of +971 in phone numbers reflects the UAE’s commitment to providing efficient communication services and fostering strong connections with the rest of the world.

+971 is not just a numerical code; it carries the pride and reputation of the UAE. It symbolizes the country’s open and welcoming nature, serving as a testament to the UAE’s position as a major global player in various industries and sectors.

UAE Emergency Numbers

UAE Emergency Numbers

In case of emergencies in the UAE, it is crucial to have access to the appropriate emergency numbers to ensure quick response and assistance. The UAE has a well-established system of emergency services that can be reached through toll-free numbers. These toll-free emergency numbers are designed to provide immediate help and support in critical situations.

A. Toll-Free Emergency Numbers

When faced with an emergency in the UAE, dialing toll-free emergency numbers can be a lifeline. These numbers are easily accessible and provide direct contact with emergency services such as the police, ambulance, and fire departments. Memorizing these numbers or having them saved on your phone can help you save valuable time during crises.

Here are the toll-free emergency numbers in the UAE:

Emergency ServiceToll-Free Number
Fire Department997

These toll-free numbers are available 24/7 and are dedicated to handling emergencies. It is important to note that these numbers should only be used for genuine emergencies to ensure that help reaches those in need as quickly as possible.

B. Importance for Business Travelers

For business travelers in the UAE, being aware of the emergency numbers is of utmost importance. In unfamiliar surroundings, emergencies can occur, and knowing the appropriate numbers to call can greatly aid in obtaining the necessary help and support.

For example, if a business traveler encounters a medical emergency or witnesses an accident, dialing the toll-free ambulance number (998) can ensure that medical assistance is dispatched promptly. Similarly, in the event of a security threat or criminal activity, contacting the police through the toll-free number (999) can help ensure a swift response and resolution.

By familiarizing themselves with the toll-free emergency numbers in the UAE, business travelers can enhance their safety and security while conducting business in the country. It is recommended that these numbers be saved in their phones for quick and easy access during critical situations.

Dubai Mobile Number Codes

Understanding the identification numbers for network operators in the UAE is essential for seamless communication. Each mobile network operator is assigned a unique code, allowing users to identify the network associated with a specific phone number. Below is a list of mobile network operator codes in the UAE:

Network OperatorCode
Etisalat50, 55, 56, 58
du52, 54, 55, 56, 58

By referring to this list, individuals and businesses can easily determine the network operator based on the given code. This information is valuable in identifying potential network compatibility issues and selecting appropriate communication plans.

To further enhance your understanding, take a look at the following image, illustrating the connection between mobile network operator codes and their corresponding operators in the UAE:

Best Time to Call UAE

A. Time Difference Table for US, UK, Australia, and India

Best Time to call UAE

To ensure effective communication with UAE, it is crucial to be aware of the best time to make calls. Understanding the time difference between your location and UAE can help you avoid inconveniencing the recipient or missing important calls. Here is a time difference table for some commonly called regions:

LocationTime Difference with UAE
United States (New York)+9 hours
United Kingdom (London)+4 hours
Australia (Sydney)-6 hours
India (New Delhi)+1.5 hours

B. Optimal Calling Times for Each Time Zone

Based on the time difference table, here are the optimal calling times for each time zone:

  • United States (New York): It is best to call between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM UAE time to coincide with typical business hours.
  • United Kingdom (London): Consider calling between 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM UAE time for convenient communication.
  • Australia (Sydney): Choose to call between 1:00 AM and 9:00 AM UAE time to ensure you reach people during their daytime hours.
  • India (New Delhi): Aim to make calls between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM UAE time for optimal connectivity.

Keep in mind that these optimal calling times are indicative and may vary based on different factors such as business operating hours, personal preferences, and the nature of the call.

Area Codes in the UAE

In the UAE, phone numbers are organized with the help of area codes, which provide a geographical identification of different regions within the country. Understanding area codes is essential for accurate dialing and seamless communication within the UAE.

Area codes in the UAE

A. Overview of 7 Area Codes

The UAE is divided into seven different regions, each assigned a specific area code. These area codes help differentiate phone numbers based on the city or region they belong to. Here is an overview of the seven area codes in the UAE:

Area CodeCity/Region
02Abu Dhabi
06Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah
09Central Region
03Al Ain, Al Dhafra
050, 052, 054, 056, 058Mobile Numbers

B. Importance of Adding Area Code

When dialing a phone number within the UAE, it is crucial to include the area code. Adding the correct area code ensures that the call is directed to the desired city or region. Neglecting to include the area code may result in misrouted calls or failed connections.

For instance, if you want to dial a landline number in Dubai, you must include the area code ’04’ before dialing the specific contact’s phone number. Similarly, adding the area code for mobile numbers ensures a precise connection when calling mobile operators in any part of the country.

UAE Major Cities Phone Number Examples

In this section, we will provide examples of phone numbers for major cities in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, and Fujairah. Understanding the phone number format specific to each city is essential for effective communication. Take a look at the examples below:

CityPhone Number Example
Abu Dhabi+971-2-1234567
Al Ain+971-3-1234567

These examples give you an idea of how phone numbers are formatted in each of these major UAE cities. Remember to include the country code (+971) and the appropriate area code when dialing these numbers.

How do Get a UAE Phone Number from My Country Mobile

To get a UAE phone number, you can rely on the services provided by My Country Mobile, a trusted provider of virtual phone numbers. Follow the step-by-step process outlined below:

A. Step-by-Step Process

  1. Select the Area area code.
  2. Choose a UAE Phone Number
  3. Select a Suitable Pricing Plan
  4. Assign the Virtual Number to Employees

1. Select Desired Area Code

Start by selecting the desired area code for your UAE phone number. My Country Mobile offers a range of area codes based on different regions in the UAE. Choose the area code that best suits your business needs or personal preferences.

2. Choose a UAE Phone Number

Once you have selected the area code, you can then proceed to choose a specific UAE phone number. My Country Mobile provides a variety of options, allowing you to pick a number that resonates with your brand or personal identity.

3. Select a Suitable Pricing Plan

After selecting your desired UAE phone number, it’s time to choose a pricing plan that suits your budget and communication requirements. My Country Mobile offers flexible pricing options to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

4. Assign the Virtual Number to Employees

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can assign the virtual UAE phone number to your employees. This ensures that each team member has a designated phone number for seamless communication with your UAE contacts.

By following this step-by-step process, you can easily obtain a UAE phone number from My Country Mobile and streamline your communication in the UAE.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, understanding the correct codes for UAE phone numbers is of utmost importance for seamless communication. By using the correct phone number format, businesses and individuals can ensure that their calls and messages reach the intended recipients without any issues. Whether it’s a mobile phone number or a landline number, knowing and following the proper format is essential.

When communicating with UAE counterparts, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, be aware of the time difference between your location and the UAE, so you can schedule your calls at a convenient time for both parties. Additionally, it’s crucial to add the necessary codes, such as exit codes, UAE country codes, and area codes to ensure accurate connections.

To simplify the process of obtaining UAE phone numbers and managing communication, My Country Mobile offers virtual UAE numbers. With My Country Mobile, businesses can select their desired area code, choose a UAE phone number, and assign it to their employees. This ensures seamless communication with UAE contacts and eliminates the need for physical phone lines or expensive international calling plans.

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