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In the competitive world of communication, businesses need a dependable and efficient voice solution to stay connected with their clients and partners. With the rise of voice reselling, it's essential to have access to top-notch routing solutions that guarantee robust call connections, low latency, and clear voice transmission. This is where My Country Mobile steps in, offering over 50 highly recommended CLI (Calling Line Identification) routes for voice resellers. 

CLI Routes
CLI Routes

Understanding CLI and Non-CLI Routing for VoIP Calls

In the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) industry, CLI and Non-CLI routing are the two main types of routing used for making calls. CLI routing enables the recipient of a call to view the calling party’s phone number, which is sent along with the call signal. This type of routing is known for its reliability, efficiency, and several benefits for businesses.

Firstly, it makes call tracking and reporting easier for businesses, as the recipient’s phone system can record the caller’s phone number. Secondly, CLI routing enhances call quality, as the recipient’s phone system can identify the caller, leading to better call routing and higher call quality.
On the other hand, Non-CLI routing does not transmit the caller’s phone number and can result in lower call quality and dropped calls. Additionally, call tracking and reporting are more challenging with Non-CLI routing, as the caller’s phone number is not transmitted.

Transforming Your Communication Landscape with My Country Mobile

My Country Mobile provides a range of premium quality voice solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our  cost-effective, transparent, and competitive, giving businesses the option to choose from various pricing plans tailored to their specific needs.allow businesses to receive calls with the caller’s phone number displayed, making it easier to identify who is calling, track and report on calls, as well as offering a higher level of security and privacy. Additionally, My Country Mobile’s CLI routes offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses looking to cut down on telecommunications expenses. Our highly reliable and provide clear and high-quality calls, enhancing the overall communication experience.

wholesale voip origination
CLI Routes

Tailored CLI Routes that Meet Your Business Needs

At My Country Mobile, we understand that each business is unique, and that’s why we offer customizable CLI routes. Our voice engineers work closely with businesses to design a CLI route solution that caters to their specific needs, ensuring they get the best possible voice solution. Whether a business needs a basic solution for receiving calls with virtual phone number or a more complex solution that integrates with its current communication infrastructure, My Country Mobile has got them covered.

Maximizing International and Local Connectivity

My Country Mobile offers a range of international CLI routes, keeping businesses connected with their clients and partners worldwide. Along with International wholesale voice CLI routes, we also provide local and national CLI routes, making it easy for businesses to stay connected with their customers and partners in their home country. Similar to our international CLI routes, these options guarantee clear and high-quality calls. In conclusion, My Country Mobile’s offer a reliable, cost-effective, and customizable solution to help businesses stay connected and enhance their communication experience. With over 150 highly recommended, businesses can choose the routing solution that caters to their specific needs, delivering crystal clear and high-quality calls. Contact us today to learn more about how My Country Mobile’s wholesale voip routes can transform your business’ communication landscape.

international CLI routes


What are CLI Routes?

CLI routes, or Calling Line Identification routes, are a type of telephony service used in both digital and analog telephone systems. They enable the display of the caller’s phone number, providing transparency and credibility for the recipient. CLI routes are often preferred for premium services that require a higher level of customer assurance and personalized interaction. They are known for offering high-quality audio and reliable connectivity, making them a popular choice for businesses seeking to enhance their global communication reach.

What are CC CLI Routes?

CC CLI routes, or Call Center Calling Line Identification routes, are a type of telephony service specifically designed for call center traffic over VoIP networks. These routes enable agents to view customer phone numbers before answering calls, providing context and helping them access customer records before interactions. CC CLI routes are considered premium routes compared to non-CLI routes, offering higher quality audio and reliable connectivity. They are particularly useful for call centers handling sensitive calls that require caller ID verification

What are CC Routes?

CC routes, short for Call Center routes, are specialized telephony services designed to handle high-volume call traffic in call center environments. These routes efficiently distribute incoming calls to available agents or departments, ensuring that customers are connected to the appropriate personnel who can address their concerns. CC routes are particularly useful for managing large volumes of inbound communications and optimizing resources, reducing customer wait times, and ensuring a high level of customer service. They are often used for delivering large volumes of brief voice messages rapidly, such as voice broadcasts, notifications, or verification messages.

What are Non CLI Routes?

Non-CLI routes, also known as grey routes, are a type of telephony service where the calls do not display any information about the caller, such as their phone number. Instead, the recipient may see a blocked call or a random number. These routes are typically less expensive than CLI routes, but the quality of the calls can vary. Non-CLI routes are often used for cost-effective communication, but they may not be as reliable or offer the same level of transparency as CLI routes.

What are the differences between CLI and Non CLI Routes?

CLI (Calling Line Identification) routes and Non-CLI routes are two types of telephony services with distinct differences. CLI routes display the caller’s phone number to the recipient, providing transparency and credibility, and are known for offering high-quality audio and reliable connectivity. In contrast, Non-CLI routes, also known as grey routes, do not display any information about the caller, such as their phone number, and may show a blocked call or a random number. While Non-CLI routes are typically less expensive, the quality of the calls can vary, and they may not be as reliable or offer the same level of transparency as CLI routes.

What are the VoIP Routes?

VoIP routes are the pathways used to transmit voice and multimedia content over the internet in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. VoIP allows users to make voice calls from various devices, such as computers, smartphones, and special VoIP phones, by converting analog voice signals into digital data packets. These routes enable efficient and cost-effective communication, as well as additional features like call recording, custom caller ID, and voicemail to email. VoIP routes are particularly useful for both consumers and businesses, as they consolidate multiple communication methods into one unified system.

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