Customers Ignoring Your Calls? CLI Routes Could Be the Fix

Is your phone ringing, but customers aren’t answering? Do you see “Unknown Number” when reaching out to clients?  If so, you could be losing business due to poor caller ID.

CLI Routes are the solution. They ensure your business name or number displays correctly, boosting customer trust and answer rates. Ready to stop missing out on potential sales and improve customer connections?

CLI Routes
CLI Routes

Definition of CLI Routes

CLI routes, or Calling Line Identification routes, are specialized telecommunications pathways that ensure accurate and consistent display of a caller’s phone number or business name on the recipient’s caller ID. By routing calls directly to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), CC Routes often facilitate higher-quality calls. This essential feature promotes trust and transparency in communication, enabling recipients to make informed decisions about answering calls.

How CLI Routes Work?


Caller ID Encoding: When you initiate a call, your phone number/identifier is encoded into the call's signaling data (using protocols like SS7 or SIP).


Prioritized Routing: CLI routes often connect directly to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for high-quality transmission.


Recipient Decoding:The recipient's phone system or caller ID device extracts and decodes the caller ID information.


Display: The caller's number or name is displayed on the recipient's screen before or between rings

CLI Routes

Benefits of CLI Routes

  • Businesses: Any business that values clear customer communication benefits, especially those with:
    • International customers or operations
    • Call centers handling sensitive information
  • Specific Examples:
    • E-commerce stores
    • Travel agencies
    • Financial institutions
    • Healthcare providers


  • Reputable Providers:
    • My Country Mobile
    • Vonage (Nexmo)
    • Verizon
    • Sinch
  • Why Choose a Reputable Provider
    • Reliable call quality
    • Strong security and compliance
    • Excellent customer support
  • Global Reach: Routes cover numerous countries, letting businesses establish an international presence.
  • Scalability: Easily handle growing call volumes without major infrastructure changes.
  • High Capacity: Manage large numbers of calls simultaneously, ideal for call centers and busy sales teams.
  • Customer Service: Businesses can:
    • Personalize customer interactions
    • Verify caller identities for security
    • Route calls efficiently
  • Marketing & Sales: Routes help:
    • Increase answer rates with local or familiar numbers
    • Build trust and credibility
    • Run targeted campaigns based on location


CLI Routes

Non-CLI Routes and Other VoIP Routes

Non-CLI Routes

  • Definition: Non-CLI routes (or “grey routes”) don’t transmit caller ID information, meaning the recipient won’t see the caller’s number.
  • Tradeoffs: These routes are often cheaper than CLI routes but lack transparency. Recipients might ignore or distrust calls made using these routes.
  • Potential Misuse: Non-CLI can be used by spammers or those intentionally concealing their identity.

SIM Routes

  • Definition: SIM routes use physical SIM cards to make calls and also hide caller IDs.
  • Uses: This may be used to mask location, bypass restrictions, or maintain anonymity.
  • Concerns: Similar to non-CLI routes, they raise transparency issues.

VoIP Routes

  • Definition: VoIP routes transmit voice and multimedia over the internet instead of traditional phone lines.
  • Advantages:
    • Cost-effective
    • Scalable
    • Integrates with other business tools
    • Flexible (works on various devices)

CC CLI Routes

  • Definition: Specialized routes for call centers, providing agents with detailed caller information (name, history, etc.) alongside the phone number.
  • Purpose: To streamline call handling, personalize interactions, and boost customer satisfaction.

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