Turning Conversations into Conversion, Retention, and Revenue Growth

Looking to unlock your business’s full potential? Establish meaningful customer relationships by leveraging interactive platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook through Floatchat. Engage directly, increase leads, enhance revenue generation, and create a quantifiable impact on your business’s success!

Ensure Seamless Communication Across
Various Integrations Channels

Offering a diverse array of communication channels to your customers can distinguish between retaining existing clients and acquiring new ones. Ensure that reaching out to your business is effortless, and they will value quick and considerate responses. Delivering a top-notch customer experience plays a pivotal role in establishing trust, thereby bolstering relationships and elevating your brand reputation.



Customers can easily connect with your brand using our WhatsApp solution, from product discovery to purchase, ensuring a hassle-free experience.



Use FloatChat’s Instagram chatbot to turn your followers into paying customers and guarantee prompt responses to all direct messages and mentions.



FloatChat streamlines your Messenger communication and boosts your customer experience by providing personalized messaging.



Automates repetitive tasks such as scheduling and sending reminders, allowing users to focus on more important tasks and increasing efficiency, Improve the user experience.


Microsoft Team

Significant impact on Microsoft, enabling the company to leverage its advanced natural language processing capabilities to improve its customer service offerings.



WeChat bots are automated conversational agents that interact with users directly within WeChat, China’s hugely popular messaging and social media app.

Create a customer experience designed to drive sales

FloatChat has the potential to revolutionize your customers' shopping journeys. It turns ordinary online interactions into incredibly personalized experiences, ensuring that they'll feel like VIPs right from their very first visit.


Boost Your Sales Conversion Rate by Interacting with Website Visitors in Real-Time Using Personalized Floatchat Greetings!


Guide your customers to an unparalleled shopping journey by exploring personalized deals and thoughtfully curated product selections.


Effortlessly Detect and Assess Top Prospects in Real-Time – Connect Them with Your Sales Team Instantly.


Maximize Your Productivity with Our Innovative AI Bot: Effortlessly Buy Products and Request Services


Benefits Of Floatchat

Boost-Up Marketing Strategies

Boost-Up Marketing Strategies

Tailor Your Customer Journey: Attracting Leads and Cultivating Customers Across Various Communication Channels


Maximize Your Sales

Assess Your Progress Without Expanding Your Workforce. Generate and Evaluate Leads on Autopilot.


Enhance Your Support

Extend Your Customer Support Availability for Longer Work Hours and Improve Resolution Times


FloatChat is a versatile AI chatbot platform designed to streamline customer interactions and enhance user experiences across various industries.
FloatChat can improve customer support, automate routine tasks, boost sales, and provide valuable insights into user behavior, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.
FloatChat can be customized to suit a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education, and more.

Yes, FloatChat offers seamless integration options with popular messaging platforms and can be tailored to work with your existing software and processes.

Yes, FloatChat supports multilingual capabilities, allowing you to engage with a global audience.
Absolutely, FloatChat leverages AI and natural language processing to engage in nuanced and context-aware conversations.
FloatChat prioritizes data security and adheres to industry standards to protect user information.
Yes, FloatChat offers a 14dys trial period to explore its capabilities and assess its suitability for your business needs.
FloatChat offers comprehensive support and training to help you get the most out of the platform, ensuring a smooth integration and ongoing success.
To get started with FloatChat, simply contact our team for a consultation and a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements.