Virtual Phone Numbers: Key to Remote Work

A virtual phone number operates solely through an internet connection and a compatible device, without any physical attachment. 

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Brief Overview Virtual Phone Numbers

Typically Virtual Phone numbers are favored by businesses managing high call volumes such as support centers, B2B firms, and sales teams, these numbers offer VoIP features and facilitate remote work across various locations.
Functionally, virtual numbers resemble traditional phone numbers, but they operate via the internet (virtual landlines) instead of traditional landlines. Call recipients perceive no distinction between virtual and traditional phone calls.

Upgrade Your Business Communications with

Virtual phone services efficiently cover essential communication needs.
Access to unlimited texting and MMS at competitive rates enhances client and partner communication.

VoIP business solutions offer features like business hours, call forwarding, auto-attendants, or multi-level IVR systems. These features enhance professionalism and credibility with clients.
Virtual numbers
provide local, toll-free, and vanity customization options, strengthening your brand identity and enabling projection of a local or nationwide presence as needed.
My Country Mobile's virtual numbers come with collaborative features, enabling seamless teamwork.
Set up extensions
and automated systems for simultaneous, sequential, or round-robin call handling.
Utilize a shared dashboard for leaving notes and sharing contact numbers. Easily forward calls among team members as required.

Upgrade plans with ease as your company grows.

Avoid the hassle of switching providers when expanding your team.
Access virtual numbers for hiring from different regions or countries.
Explore new office locations with international hiring capabilities.


Optimize Business with These Range of Numbers

virtual phone number

Virtual Toll-Free Numbers

Make calls free for most callers by charging your account instead. Preferred by large corporations and professional businesses to enhance accessibility for customers. Ideal for those with plans featuring unlimited minutes to avoid additional spending.

virtual phone number

Virtual Local Phone Numbers

Available for various states, allowing you to penetrate local markets. Opt for a local area code to appear as a trusted neighbor. Choose from the available options provided by your service provider.For more details, you can call us at our toll-free number.

virtual phone number

Virtual Vanity Numbers

Easy to remember and attention-grabbing.
can be local or toll-free, typically comprising a combination of letters and numbers.
Examples include 800-555-CATS or 888-OFF-BUGS, incorporating words associated with your business to reinforce brand image.


How can you get your phone number easily?

Here are a few simple steps for you to get a virtual phone number:


Determine Type:
Determine the type of number your company requires


Choose Plan:
Choose the plan that has the best options on the market for you. .

virtual phone number

Configure your users and extensions.

virtual phone number

Last Settings:
Finish setting up (call routing rules, greetings, business hours, voicemail setup).

Definition Business Phone Number

Streamline Business Calls with These Digital Features

Call recording

Automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Auto attendant

Direct callers to the appropriate destination based on specified rules or assist them with pre-recorded messages.

Communications history

View call and conversation history, allocate work to team members, and use analytics tools to improve performance.

Call forwarding

 Route calls to any internet-connected device, keeping work and personal calls separate.


Voicemails automatically transcribed and delivered to your email.

Caller ID

Identify inbound callers and indicate your presence to persons you are contacting.

Optimize your Business with these Benefits

virtual phone number
increase interactions

Comfortable UI

Intuitive interface designed for easy to use navigation.

Voip Numbers

Long-lived reputation

Trusted brand with years of experience in the VoIP market.

Voip Numbers

Customer support

Award-winning support team available 7 days a week.

Voip Numbers

Competitive price

Impressive feature set at a competitive price point.

Voip Numbers

Expansive feature set

Constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses.

Voip Numbers

Privacy & security

Secure, high-quality connection with 99% uptime.

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Elevate Your Business with Virtual Phone Number's Exclusive Connection!

Seamless Communication Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs
Katie Wordy Customer Service Manager

Our customer support team loves the flexibility of virtual numbers. We can answer calls from anywhere, and the call forwarding setup makes sure no customer is left waiting.

Henry Milton Entrepreneur

As a small business owner, I needed a cost-effective and professional phone solution. Business Phone Number's service not only gave me a dedicated business line but also helped me manage calls efficiently. It's been a game-changer for my cafe.

Marina Gonard Business Development Director

The international virtual numbers from My Country Mobile were a game-changer for our expansion plans. We instantly had a local presence in several new markets.

Jimmy Hazelwood One Person Company

I run my business from the road. My virtual phone number ensures I'm always reachable, no matter where my travels take me.

Alina Robin Chief Technical Officer

We replaced our old landline system with virtual numbers and it's been one of the best decisions we've made. More features, lower cost, and our team is happier!

FAQs About Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual phone number functions over an internet connection (VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol) rather than a physical phone line. Calls are routed to your preferred devices – smartphones, computers, etc. – making them location independent.
Businesses with remote teams, those handling high call volumes (customer support, sales), and companies seeking a local or national presence without physical offices in those locations.
Yes! Most virtual phone providers offer apps for smartphones and computers, allowing you to use your existing devices to make and receive calls.
Yes, most providers offer a variety of local area codes and toll-free number options to enhance your business presence.
Call forwarding, Voicemail-to-text, Caller ID, Call recording, Auto attendant, Business hours settings,and Team collaboration features

We offer transparent pay-as-you-go pricing with competitive rates. You can find detailed pricing on our website or you can call the toll-free number provided on our website

No, you can start and stop using the Solution according to your business needs without long-term contracts.

My Country Mobile prioritizes security with encryption and other measures.We have a strong track record of security and reliability.

We offer call forwarding to a backup mobile number or landline in case of internet outages, ensuring you won’t miss important calls.
No, the setup process is typically very user-friendly. Most providers have simple step-by-step guides to get you up and running quickly.