China CC Routes

China CC Routes: My Country Mobile (MCM) Delivers Affordable International and Domestic Long-Distance Connectivity. Are you looking for cost-effective alternatives to China Telecom and China Unicom? MCM offers China non-CLI and China CC CLI routes with highly competitive VoIP rates.

China CC Routes

China CC Routes CLI Solutions

MCM provides premium CLI routes for China CC call center calls with the highest quality routes – 100% CLI route and 100% dedicated capacity. Our routes have 13% ASR and an ACD of 0.5 seconds. The callback ratio is 10-12%. We also offer a lower-rate NCLI route for China CC call center to help you save money. Please contact our account representative for details

How China CC Routes Call Center System Works

China CC Route call routing is essential for any call center solution. A basic call routing system directs calls to agents based on availability. To handle high call volumes efficiently, you need a reliable VoIP system and sufficient hosting capacity. Our automatic call routing system distributes calls to available agents according to predefined rules, enabling efficient interactive voice response.

Benefits Of CC Routes

Automatic Call Routing

Automatic call routing streamlines call center operations by directing incoming calls to available agents based on predefined rules. Interactive voice response technology identifies free agents and routes calls accordingly. VoIP (voice over IP) further enhances efficiency by handling high call volumes by seamlessly integrating data and voice networks. It leverages the Internet Protocol for smooth connectivity, making the most of broadband networks. This optimized system ensures both call center productivity and a positive caller experience, making it a valuable asset for businesses.

Advantages Of CC Routes

Advantages Of CC Routes

China call center routes offer rapid, accessible customer communication, ideal for transit companies to efficiently share updates and route changes, leveraging modern technology.

China call center routes offer rapid, accessible customer communication, ideal for transit companies to efficiently share updates and cc routes changes, leveraging modern technology.

China call center routes provide cost-effective, wide-reaching customer connections, making them ideal for various businesses and more efficient than traditional methods in the digital age.

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China CC Routes are telecommunications routes that provide call center capacity for handling a large volume of calls, particularly in the context of customer service or sales operations.


Automatic Call Routing is a feature of China CC Routes provided by My Country Mobile. It intelligently directs incoming calls to the appropriate destination based on pre-set criteria, ensuring efficient and seamless communication.

China CC Routes, offered by My Country Mobile, ensure speedy and cost-effective communication. They optimize call routing, reducing the time and expenses involved in connecting with customers across China.

bsolutely! China CC Routes by My Country Mobile support Bulk SMS services, enabling businesses to send alerts and notifications to a large customer base efficiently and effectively.

The user-friendly interface of China CC Routes, provided by My Country Mobile, ensures ease of use. It’s designed for intuitive navigation, making the management of communications simple and straightforward

My Country Mobile’s China CC Routes offer a wide reach at a low cost by leveraging advanced routing technologies. This allows businesses to connect with a broader audience in China without incurring high communication costs.

Yes, China CC Routes are ideal for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, My Country Mobile's services cater to diverse business communication needs.

My Country Mobile prides itself on the reliability of its China CC Routes. With a robust infrastructure and continuous monitoring, they ensure minimal downtime and high-quality communication.

Yes, integration is seamless. China CC Routes can easily be integrated with your existing business systems, enhancing your communication capabilities without the need for extensive changes to your current setup.

Security is a top priority. My Country Mobile ensures that all communications via China CC Routes are encrypted and protected, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your business conversations.

Getting started is easy! Visit the My Country Mobile website, choose China CC Routes, and follow the simple sign-up process. For any assistance, their customer support team is readily available to guide you through the setup.