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What's a vanity phone number?

A vanity number is refers to a number with the keypad-letters that outcome a name or word. E.g. 1-800-CLOTHS or 1-800-SHOES.

Increase you Calls and Sales

A custom phone number conveys a more established business. If your business correspondence is on calls, a vanity number can help you stand out.

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Growing Features Vanity Phone Number

My Country Mobile call-forwarding services will help you get your vanity number up and running 

Inbound calling

Outbound calls made using your Vanity Number ID caller ID

Mobile Calling App

Outbound calls can be made with your smartphone

Custom Outgoing Message

Upload an Audio File for Your Voicemail Message

SMS Logs

Call and SMS Details – View and Download

Text Messaging

Text messages may be sent and received using Number

Voicemail to Email

Use voicemail to send audio messages by email

What is the purpose of using Vanity Phone Number?

Match your brand and service

Easy to remember

Number is distinctive

Matched with your domain name

Loyalty and recognition

More people through the word of mouth

What is benefit of using Vanity Number?

Many people claim that you can increase your business for the company with the help of the Phone Number.

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