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First, we have to take a look at how a DID number provider works. The number that you’re looking for will be assigned to you by a telephone service provider. However, the same telephone company will sometimes assign the same number to two different people at the same time. One of these people might have a different area code and the other might not.

These services generate a unique phone number for each customer that they have in their database. Some of these numbers are strictly residential and some are dedicated for business purposes. This means that all the information needed to make a phone call is stored and available for your use.

The next thing you should know about a DID number provider is how fast the information is updated. All the information provided is current and up-to-date, which is necessary in this day and age when information changes so quickly. You can be certain that you’ll get the most current and accurate information possible, even if the other party says their information is current.

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An international DID number is a toll-free or local VoIP number that supports you to deliver calls to any place worldwide. No concern which places your DID numbers provide calls to, your callers just pay local call charges. VoIP DID numbers include incoming call forwarding also outbound VoIP calling specialties. When you decide My Country Mobile as your DID number provider from My Country Mobile, you receive 30+ VoIP specialties like IVR, Group Calls, Client caller ID, time-based routing, and various more extra at no extra charge. There are no settings fees or minimum contracts. Also My Country Mobile will port DID phone numbers for free. Purchase a DID number now and try the top VoIP phone service.

Set Up Business Phone Numbers for Any Requirement

Get the best business phone number plan for your business everywhere you want it.

Universal Freephone Numbers

My Country Mobile has reached more than anyone else produces a complete innovation set around our UIFN service. These advantages of setting up a universal international freephone number.

Toll Free

We offer great worldwide coverage of local, national,toll-free virtual phone numbers. Currently, we cover 80+ countries also 3800 area codes worldwide, including services living passed over Private.

Virtual Local Numbers

Immediately connect with callers in 170+ Destination with the virtual phone number platform that operates over the Best of every system.

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In realistic terms, a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Number or a Virtual Number is a local telephone number in a decided destination or city. The calls started to these numbers are then forwarded by My Country Mobile to Voice over IP (VoIP) applying SIP, H.323, or IAX protocols or to a PSTN device so as a standard or mobile telephone everywhere in the globe. A DID Number is applied to present local telephone numbers for clients on a global base or to present access from standard telephones to non-PSTN targets such as VoIP.

How to Register a DID Number

1. Search Phone Numbers

Search local phone numbers by area code or city and pick from our vast inventory.

2. Choose Your Plan

Whether you have 1 employee or 100’s, we have a plan for your business.

3. Activate Your Account

Confirm your information and begin using your new phone number in minutes.

Why does your business need a DID Number?

Daily Detailed Analytics

Maintain a close watch on the incoming calls, client conferences, operator performance, optimize for more reliable results in no time, including a number.

One Number for Business

Your whole organization can be joined to a separate number. You are no longer falling client data, deciding to shuffle across various phone numbers.

Scale as You Grow

Scale as you work, externally holding to trouble about support bandwidth — no end on channels either that number of similarity calls.

The My Country Mobile Advantage

We provide excellent quality worldwide voice origination services connected with the most significant international coverage of local, national, mobile, and toll-free DID numbers.

Superior Quality

Most excellent success price, voice quality, also reduced latency.

Scale at Ease

Start at will, grow without suffering about support.

Superior Reliability

Most helpful in class uptimes of 99.96% including operator uptimes.

Best Support

24×7 customer support via phone, email, and Skype.

Simple to implement

Sign up and get started in shorter than 30 minutes, combine quickly utilizing our REST APIs

Extensive Reporting

Simple to learn, specific reports sent all-day

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