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Your Minutes are Our Minutes

Our goal is to offer high-quality, reliable Voice and DID services at competitive pricing. My Country Mobile provides a mobile-friendly self-service portal and dedicated account managers by 24/7 support.

My Country Mobile General Trading (MCM) was established in the year 2010 in Dubai. MCM has its headquarter in Dubai, UAE, and offices in 6 different countries United States, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. My Country Mobile is known as the top telecommunications service provider around the world. It has over 500,000 retail outlets all over the world. In addition, MCM launched CallMama Application, where customers can make and receive VoIP calls with their mobile phones from anywhere and anytime worldwide. Also, MCM has launched the PrepaidMall website, where customers can do International Top-Up, customer can recharge, refill or do credit for their mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

What we Provide
My Country Mobile offers VoIP based telecommunication products and services like Wholesale VoIP Termination, International Top-Up, International Calling Cards, Cloud Contact Center, Call Center Solution, API, Virtual Phone Number (DIDs), Bulk SMS, SIP Trunk, MVNO Operations, Retails Telecom Products, and other telephony products across the world.
What we Provide - My Country Mobile
What we Provide
Wholesale VoIP services is a top-rated and profitable business for both the providers and the customers. Nowadays, VoIP suppliers are seeking to transports VoIP to a customer base, which becomes a reseller.
Cloud Contact Center
Cloud Contact Center is a collection or set of software that gives complete tools plus application that allows your brands to interconnect with the users via numbers of lines. It is a facility that comes under the internet that manages all your inbound and outbound user communications for that company.
Call Center Solution
Call Center Solution is also known as Contact Center Solutions, where you manage all inbound and outbound calls of your company. It also helps you modify your old software to the latest and modern Cloud Contact Center, plus gives you an outstanding experience for your customers and agents.
Virtual Phone Number (DIDs)
A Virtual Phone Number is a phone number that is not connected with the SIM of any telephone line or physical phone. Companies significantly use Virtual Phone Numbers to track their business effectiveness and growth rates of business marketing.
International Top-Up
My Country Mobile has launched PrepaidMall, which helps you to do the fastest international recharge. It allows you to send recharge to more than 130 countries and 200+ operators. Also, you can reach anyone from anywhere around the world with PrepaidMall. So stay connected with your friends and family.
Calling Card
My Country Mobile has launched CallMama App, and it helps you get calling minutes from anywhere with CallMama App. CallMama offers 100% free calling from CallMama App to App for any country you need to call. CallMama has a competitive price as per the other provider.
VoIP Dialer
VoIP Dialer is software that is used for making calls through the internet. And there is no need for a telephone or phone line required, and you can send and receive all your calls by using a web browser. VoIP Dialer also helps you with your business outbound sales calls.
Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS is also known as Bulk messaging, and it distributes a massive number of messages to get delivered on mobile number terminals. Bulk SMS is used for companies like banks, consumer brands, e-commerce companies, media companies, marketing, and entertainment.