The power of Call Forwarding

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Control your business calls with My Country Mobile's virtual phone system. Call forwarding puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to control over your calls. You get to decide where your calls end up going - and not the other way around. My Country Mobile allows you to redirect as many calls to as many devices as you need.

Call Forwarding


Call Forwarding

What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding enables you to redirect calls to different devices such as cell phones, desk phones, computers, landline phones, or softphones according to your preference.
With My Country Mobile, you can forward calls to any number linked to your account, allowing for redirection to multiple numbers at once, either sequentially or simultaneously.
Calls are received in the usual manner—callers dial your number, and through call forwarding, they are directed to the designated device or number you’ve specified.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding?

Setting up call forwarding on My Country Mobile’s web panel is easy for anyone, even those new to technology. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze!


Access Settings:
Go to “Profile” tab in the web panel and select “My Forwarding Numbers”.


Configure Default Numbers:
Manage mobile, web, US, and SIP forwarding by adding or removing them.


Activate Order:
Toggle numbers, choose sequential / simultaneous forwarding below.


Save Changes:
Click “Save Changes” to apply your chosen forwarding settings.

Features of Call Forwarding

While call forwarding is important, it includes many smaller features like…

Timeout Setting

This feature allows you to specify the duration for which the call will ring on the forwarded number before being redirected elsewhere. By setting a timeout value in seconds, you can control how long the call should ring on the forwarded number before being forwarded to the next destination.

Forward to IP Desk Phones

If you use IP desk phones, which are traditional wired phones connected to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network, call forwarding allows you to redirect calls to these devices. This feature ensures that even if you’re away from your primary phone, you can still receive calls on your desk phone.

How to Get the Most Out of Call Forwarding:

Tips for Maximizing Efficiency

  • Choose forwarding wisely: Always (high volume/low availability), Busy (medium volume/medium availability), Unanswered (low volume/high availability).

  • Inform callers: Update voicemail or set up an auto-attendant with forwarding details and new number.

  • Test & explore: Make a test call and consider advanced features like simultaneous ringing.

A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Call Forwarding with My Country Mobile

Master My Country Mobile's call forwarding: setup, options, interface, and business benefits—all in this comprehensive guide.

How to Forward Calls with My Country Mobile:

Forwarding calls with My Country Mobile is a simple process. You set it up by enabling specific phone numbers within the system. Here’s how it works:

How to Configure and Customize Call Forwarding:

Using My Country Mobile’s Advanced Options

What Does the Call Forwarding Feature Look Like?

Advantages of Utilizing Call Forwarding

There are numerous benefits to businesses utilizing call forwarding:

Setting Up Call Forwarding:
A Guide for Landlines, Android, and iPhones

Even individuals with minimal technical knowledge will find setting up call forwarding in the My Country Mobile web panel to be straightforward and user-friendly. The intuitive interface streamlines the process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Forwarding calls on your landline is easy! Dial *72, then the full number (including area code) you want calls forwarded to. Some systems may need confirmation. To stop forwarding, dial *73. These are general steps, consult your provider or manual for specifics.

Android users: Open the Phone app, access settings, navigate to "Call Settings" or "Call Forwarding," choose your desired forwarding option and enter the forwarding number, and finally activate or deactivate the feature as needed

iPhone users: Head to the Settings app, tap "Phone," select "Call Forwarding," choose your preferred forwarding scenario and enter the forwarding number, then toggle "Call Forwarding" on or off depending on your preference.

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My Country Mobile offers comprehensive call forwarding along with top-notch security, toll-free and local numbers, 24/7 support, and a platform tailored to entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Sarah Jones

Call forwarding has been a game-changer for my business. It allows me to stay connected with clients even when I'm on the go.

Michael Lee

Since using call forwarding, I've never missed an important call from my family. It gives me peace of mind knowing they can always reach me

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Emily Garcia

As a freelancer, call forwarding helps me maintain professional boundaries. I can dedicate specific times for work calls without being interrupted during personal time.

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David Chen

Our customer service team utilizes call forwarding to ensure all inquiries are promptly addressed. It significantly improves our response times and customer satisfaction.

FAQs About Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to redirect incoming calls to another phone number. This can be useful if you’re unavailable to answer, on the move, or want to separate business and personal calls.

  • Always Forward: All calls are forwarded to the designated number.
  • Conditional Forwarding: Calls are forwarded only under specific conditions, such as when busy, unanswered, or outside business hours.

The methods vary depending on your device and service provider.

  • Landline: Use dial codes provided by your provider.
  • Smartphone: Access settings options within the phone or carrier app.

Usually, basic call forwarding is free. However, some providers may charge extra for conditional forwarding or specific features.

Yes, but international call forwarding rates may apply. Check with your provider for details.

Depending on your settings, the call may go to voicemail, remain unanswered, or retry based on specific rules.

Use the same method as activation, but with a different code or setting to disable forwarding.

Be cautious about forwarding calls to unknown numbers, as this could be a tactic used for scams. Always verify the legitimacy of the forwarding destination before activating the service.