Call Routing

Ensure calls reach you wherever you are.
With a powerful virtual phone system, you gain complete control over your calls. Route calls based on your schedule, availability, and priorities. Direct them to voicemail, alternate numbers, or even custom voice messages—the choice is yours!


Call routing intelligently directs calls based on caller ID, time, department, or agent availability, ensuring quick connections and boosting customer satisfaction. It optimizes efficiency by distributing calls effectively and lets you set availability for improved work-life balance. Streamline your business communications with the power of call routing.

Experience exceptional calling

Effortless connections

Crystal-clear conversations

Freedom from interruptions

Personalized greetings

Streamlined call routing

Intuitive controls

Advanced voicemail

Multi-device compatibility

Secure communication


Call routing options in My Country Mobile


Time-based routing

Efficiently route incoming calls by directing them either to a single extension or a designated team member.


Caller ID routing

Recognize specific callers and send their calls to designated individuals or departments. Great for VIP clients or specific sales leads.


Call to user

Direct incoming calls efficiently by routing them directly to either a single extension or a designated team member.


Call to group

This ensures fair treatment for all callers and maintains efficient call handling within the organization.


Call forwarding

Redirect calls to external numbers (like cell phones) when your primary lines are unavailable or during off-hours.



Customize voicemail greetings and allow callers to leave messages when you can't answer directly.

How to set up call routing?

Call Routing

Start a New Call Flow:
Go to the "Call Flows" tab in your MightyCall web panel and click "Add flow."

Call Routing

Choose your number and hours:
Select the phone number to manage and specify the call schedule for incoming calls.

Call Routing

Pick Your Greeting:
Choose a pre-existing greeting, record a new one, or opt for no greeting at all. .

Call Routing

Where Should Calls Go?
Choose between directing incoming calls to a user or utilizing voicemail options.

Call Routing

Save Your Work:
Please do not forget to save any changes you have made before exiting the system.


How do call routing systems operate?

Call routing directs incoming calls based on a series of steps and customizable settings. MyCountryMobile follows these core principles.

Caller Identification

The system checks if the caller's number is on a VIP or blocked list, routing them accordingly for priority handling or call termination.


Time-Based Routing

Calls are directed based on your business hours, routing to live agents during open hours and to voicemail after-hours.


Custom Greetings

Play pre-recorded messages to welcome callers, provide information, or even promote offers. This step can be skipped if preferred.

Gemini Generated

Call routing categories

VIP: Prioritizes calls from high-value customers.

Skills-based: Connects callers to agents with matching expertise.

Time-based: Routes calls based on business hours and schedules.

Round Robin: Distributes calls evenly among agents.

Simultaneous: Rings all agents at once for quick response.

Rotary: Cycles calls to prevent individual agent overload.

Least Occupied: Prioritizes agents with the least active calls.

Talk-time: Balances workload based on recent call times.

Percentage: Allocates calls among teams using set ratios.

Fixed Order: Routes calls in a predefined sequence.

Weighted: Prioritizes based on experience or other factors.

Intelligent/Automated: Uses AI for optimal call routing.

For which industries is call routing the most advantageous?


Customer Service

Streamlines high-volume calls, connecting customers to the right support person quickly for better satisfaction.



Qualifies leads and directs them to the most suitable agents, boosting conversion rates.



Prioritizes urgent calls, automates reminders, and connects patients to the right departments, improving care.



Efficiently handles order inquiries and support, building strong customer relationships.


IT Support

Matches callers' issues with specialized agents, leading to faster problem resolution.


Real Estate

Connects buyers and sellers with agents focused on their area or property type, maximizing lead opportunities.



Routes calls to appropriate departments (reservations, etc.), minimizing guest frustration and improving service.



Any industry relying on phone communication benefits from call routing. It enhances efficiency, customer experience, and call organization.

Advantages of using a call routing system

Call routing eliminates long hold times and frustrating transfers. By connecting callers to the right department or agent quickly, you provide a seamless and satisfying experience. This builds customer loyalty and a positive brand reputation.


A call routing system optimizes your team’s time. It ensures agents are handling calls relevant to their skills, reducing the need for transfers and resolving issues faster. This increased efficiency frees up resources and allows agents to focus on providing excellent support.
When sales teams use call routing, they can qualify leads based on factors like location or interest. This targeted routing allows agents to build rapport immediately and increases the chances of conversion. Plus, potential customers are less likely to hang up when connected with the right person immediately.
Many call routing systems collect valuable call data such as volume, wait times, and resolution rates. You can use these insights to identify trends, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement. This allows you to make informed decisions about staffing, training, and overall call center operations.

To which devices can I direct my calls?

Desk Phones

Traditional landline phones connected to your office phone system (PBX).


Software-based phones on computers or laptops that use VoIP services.

Mobile Phones

Calls can be routed to specific agents’ or employees’ cell phones.

IVR Systems

Interactive Voice Response systems can receive a call and direct it based on the caller’s choices.

How to build an effective call routing system: Key tips

Professional Voicemail

A polished voicemail sets the right tone. Keep it clear, concise, and free from distractions.

Direct and Efficient

Get to the point quickly in your pre-recorded messages to respect callers' time.

Ensure Availability

Avoid frustrating dead ends. Always redirect calls to numbers that will be answered.

Gemini Generated

Accurate Business Hours

Prevent confusion and frustration by keeping your listed hours up-to-date.

Engaging Hold Messages

Use wait time creatively with informative updates, light humor, or relevant offers.

Voicemail Alternative

Allow customers to leave detailed messages while on hold, freeing up your agents for urgent calls.

Get ready to implement call routing

Call routing sets the stage, but MyCountryMobile propels business growth with comprehensive features and support. Elevate your communications—try My Country Mobile today!
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Sarah Johnson Owner

My Country Mobile's call routing saved our small business! Customers reach the right people quickly, and we've gained valuable time back.

Robert Thompson Sales Director

My Country Mobile helped us manage our growing call volume. Routing features streamline everything, especially prioritizing our VIP clients.

Daniel Parker Owner

My Country Mobile is essential to my real estate team. Targeted call routing and mobile forwarding ensure we never miss a potential client.

Jack Wilson Head of Customer Service

Call routing revolutionized our customer support with My Country Mobile. Clients get fast help, and the analytics provide valuable insights.

Dr. Isabella Martinez Founder

My Country Mobile lets me focus on my patients. Smart call routing respects my business hours and ensures seamless communication.

FAQs about Call Routing

Call routing uses various rules to direct calls (time, caller ID, etc.), providing more complex options than simple forwarding.
Yes! My Country Mobile lets you include mobile phones in your call flows, ensuring you never miss a critical call.

Absolutely! You can create tailored greetings for after-hours calls, specific departments, and more.

Setting time-based routing rules lets you define when you’re available, preventing calls from disrupting your downtime.
Yes, My Country Mobile provides detailed call analytics, including wait times, routing paths, and more.
My Country Mobile’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes setting up call routing simple, no technical expertise needed.
My Country Mobile offers great flexibility, allowing you to craft highly customized routing plans to fit your exact needs.
My Country Mobile provides excellent customer support to assist you with setting up and optimizing your call flows.
Yes, you can easily port your existing numbers into the My Country Mobile system.
My Country Mobile often offers free trials or demos so you can experience the benefits firsthand.