How to Call India from the US: Complete Guide with Costs and Tips

how to call India from the us

Do you want to know how to call India from the US??

Do you want to know how to call India from the US? It’s easier than you think! Staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues in India is important in our global world. Whether it’s closing a business deal or simply catching up with loved ones, effective communication can make all the difference.

This guide will show you the simple steps to make that call. For businesses and individuals who make frequent international calls, particularly to India, and are seeking a reliable and feature-rich international calling solution, understanding the various methods and their costs is essential. By exploring the best practices and comparing different services, you can choose the most cost-effective and convenient way to keep in touch with your contacts in India. From VoIP services to calling cards and mobile apps, there are multiple options to suit different needs and preferences.

Step-by-Step Guide to Calling India

Step-by-Step Guide to Calling India

For Landline Numbers:

  1. Dial the USA exit code: Start by dialing 011.
  2. Dial the India country code: Next, dial 91.
  3. Dial the specific area code: If you’re calling a landline, include the city’s area code (2-4 digits). You can find the right area code with a quick online search.
  4. Dial the local phone number: Enter the local phone number of the person you’re trying to reach.

Example: To call a landline number in Mumbai, you would dial: 011-91-22-5434-8976.

For Mobile Numbers:

  1. Dial the USA exit code: Start by dialing 011.
  2. Dial the India country code: Next, dial 91.
  3. If you’re calling a cell phone, there’s no need for an area code.
  4. Dial the 10-digit mobile number:Enter the local phone number of the person you’re trying to reach.

Example:To call a mobile number in Mumbai, you would dial: 011-91-781-781-8976.

For Toll-Free Numbers:

  1. Dial the USA exit code: Start by dialing 011.
  2. Dial the India country code: Next, dial 91.
  3. Dial the toll-free prefix: Typically, this is 1800.
  4. Dial the subscriber number: Enter the remaining digits of the toll-free number.

Example:To call an Indian toll-free number, you would dial: 011-91-1800-23-9277.

Important Tip:

When saving Indian contacts to your phone, always include the country code (+91) for quick and easy dialing. This ensures that you can reach them without needing to modify the number based on your location. For instance, save the contact as +91 followed by the 10-digit mobile number or the area code and landline number (e.g., +91-22-XXXX-XXXX for a Mumbai landline).

By following this detailed step-by-step procedure, you can easily make calls to India, whether it’s a landline, mobile, or toll-free number.

Maintaining Connections Across Borders

Staying connected with friends, family, and business associates in India from the United States is a priority for many individuals. However, international calling can be costly if not approached strategically. This section of the guide focuses on providing a comprehensive overview of the various methods and services available for making affordable and reliable calls from the US to India.

Exploring Cost-Effective Solutions

VoIP ServicesServices like Skype, Google Voice, and others use your internet connection for calls. Reliable internet is needed for good call quality.
Calling CardsPrepaid cards that offer reduced international rates. Watch out for hidden fees and unclear per-minute rates.
Mobile AppsApps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Rebtel offer calling over the internet. May use data unless you’re on Wi-Fi.
International Calling PlansSome phone carriers offer plans with bundled international minutes or discounted rates. Check with your provider and compare costs.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Frequency of calls: How often will you be calling India?
  • Call quality: Do you prioritize crystal-clear connections?
  • Internet access: Do you have reliable Wi-Fi or a strong data plan?
  • Cost: What’s your budget for international calls?

By weighing these factors and the options above, you’ll find the best way to stay connected with India without breaking the bank!

Understanding Calling Options

Overview of various methods

  • VoIP: Services like Skype, WhatsApp, or dedicated providers offer calls using internet connection. Often the cheapest for frequent calls if you have good internet.
  • Calling Cards: Prepaid cards with international minutes. Watch out for confusing rates and hidden fees. Good for occasional calls without internet.
  • Mobile Applications: Apps like Rebtel, Viber, etc. specialize in low-cost international calling. May use data, but often have better rates than VoIP if your internet is spotty.

Comparison of different services available

here’s a table summarizing the calling rates and plans for popular India calling services from the USA

ServiceCalling Rate to India (per minute)Plan Details
Boss Revolution$0.015Pay Per Use, No Monthly Fee
Rebtel$0.01Pay $9.99/month for unlimited calls
Rozper$0.019Pay Per Use
CallMama$0.012Pay Per Use, No Monthly Fee
MyCountryMobile$0.015Pay $20/month for unlimited calls
Letsdial$0.02Pay Per Use


  • Boss Revolution has no monthly fee, and calls to India are charged at $0.015/min pay per-use.
  • Rebtel offers two options: $9.99/month for unlimited India calls or $0.019/min pay per use.
  • CallMama is pay-per-use only at $0.012/min with no monthly fee.
  • MyCountryMobile has a $20/month unlimited India calling plan or $0.02/min pay-per-use option.
  • Most services offer free incoming calls from Indian numbers.
  • Additional taxes/fees may apply for some services.

The unlimited monthly plans from Rebtel and MyCountryMobile can be a good value for frequent callers to India. For light usage, the pay-per-use rates from services like Boss Revolution and CallMama may be more economical. Be sure to compare rates, fees and call quality when choosing a provider.

Calling Plans for India

Detailed breakdown of popular services:

Here, we provide an in-depth look at several popular calling services, including their pricing, features, and pros and cons.

Example: BOSS Revolution

  • pricing:
    • Pay-as-you-go rates: $0.015/minute to India.
    • No monthly fee required
  • Features:
    • Basic call functionality.
    • Option to recharge online.
    • Available on mobile apps.
  • Pros:
    • No monthly commitment.
    • Easy to use.
  • Cons:
    • No additional features like texting or call forwarding..
    • Call quality can vary.

Example: Rebtel

  • Pricing:
    • Subscription plan: $9.99/month for unlimited calls to India.
    • Pay-as-you-go rates: $0.01/minute.
  • Features:
    • Call quality monitor.
    • Call transfer and call conferencing.
    • Mobile app available.
  • Pros:
    • Unlimited calls option for frequent callers.
    • Competitive rates.
  • Cons:
    • Monthly subscription required for unlimited plan.
    • May consume significant data for mobile app usage.

Features, Pricing, and Terms of Each Service

 Service NamePricing StructureFeaturesProsCons
1BOSS RevolutionPay-as-you-go ($0.015/minute)Basic call functionality, online recharge, mobile appNo monthly commitment, easy to useNo additional features, variable call quality
2Rebtel$9.99/month (unlimited calls)Call quality monitor, call transfer, call conferencing, mobile appUnlimited calls, competitive ratesSubscription required, high data usage
3CallMamaPay-as-you-go ($0.012/minute)Video calling, instant messaging, screen sharingLow rates, no contractLimited features on pay-as-you-go plan
4MyCountryMobile$20/month (unlimited calls)Texting, call forwarding, virtual phone numbersGood for frequent callers, additional featuresMonthly subscription, higher cost for light users
5LetsdialPay-as-you-go ($0.02/minute)Basic call functionalitySimple pricing, no contractHigher per-minute rate, limited features

Using Calling Cards

Explanation of how calling cards work

Calling cards are a convenient way to manage international calling expenses. Here’s how they work:

  • Basic Concept:
    • Prepaid Minutes: You purchase a card with a set amount of calling credit
    • Access Number: To use the card, you dial an access number provided by the card issuer.
    • PIN: Enter the PIN printed on the card to access your prepaid minutes.
    • Dial the Destination Number: Dial the international number you wish to call
  • Steps:
    1. Buy the Card: Purchase a physical or virtual calling card.
    2. Dial the Access Number: This is a toll-free number provided on the card.
    3. Enter Your PIN: Input the PIN found on the card to verify your purchase.
    4. Dial the Indian Number: Enter the country code, area code (if applicable), and the local number.


  • No Internet Needed: Useful in areas with unreliable internet.
  • Simple to use if tech isn’t your strong suit
  • Good for Occasional Calls: Cost-effective for infrequent call


  • Potential Hidden Fees: Some cards may have hidden charges or connection fees.
  • Typically offer only basic call functionality.
  • Access Number Memorization: You need to remember and dial an access number before calling

Calling India from Different Devices

Calling India from Different Devices

  • Cell Phones:
    • Wi-Fi Calling: Many apps offer free or low-cost calls to India if you have a good Wi-Fi connection.
    • Data vs. Minutes: Determine whether the app uses your cell plan’s minutes or just your data, as this impacts cost.
  • Landlines:
    • Reliable but Costly: Landline options are often more expensive but provide better call quality if your internet is unreliable.
    • Calling Cards for Landlines: These exist and can be the easiest option for some users, especially for occasional calls.

    Best Times to Call India from Different US Time Zones

    Refer to the graph below for optimal times to call India to avoid inconvenience and ensure your calls are timely and productive.

    US Time ZoneBest Time to Call (Local Time)
    Eastern Time (ET)10:30 PM – 7:30 AM
    Central Time (CT)9:30 PM – 6:30 AM
    Mountain Time (MT)8:30 PM – 5:30 AM
    Pacific Time (PT)7:30 PM – 4:30 AM

    Note: Adjust for Daylight Saving Time (DST) where applicable.

    By following these tips and understanding the various methods and services available, you can make international calls to India efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Making Free Calls to India

    Overview of Internet Calling Applications

    Many apps offer free or low-cost calling options to India using an internet connection. Here’s a brief overview of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services:

    VoIP Defined: VoIP uses your internet connection to make voice calls instead of traditional phone lines. This can significantly reduce costs, especially for international calls.

    Important Note:Free calling options require a stable internet connection for both the caller and the person receiving the call in India.

    Popular Free Calling Applications

    1. WhatsApp:
      • Features: Free voice and video calls, messaging, file sharing.
      • Platform: Available on iOS, Android, and desktop.
      • Usage: Both parties must have WhatsApp installed.
    2. Google Voice:
      • Features: Free calls to US numbers, low-cost international calls, voicemail transcription.
      • Platform: Available on iOS, Android, and web.
      • Usage: Requires a US-based number to set up.
    3. Callmama:
      • Features: Free voice and video calls, messaging, group chats.
      • Platform: Available on iOS, Android, and desktop.
      • Usage: Both parties must have Viber installed for free calls.

Comparison Table of Free Calling Services

ServicePricing PlanFeaturesTerms & Conditions
WhatsAppFreeVoice/video calls, messaging, file sharingRequires internet connection
Google VoiceFree for US calls, low-cost internationalVoicemail transcription, messaging, call forwardingRequires US-based number for setup
callmamaFreeVoice/video calls, messaging, group chatsBoth parties must have the app

Tips for Making Calls to India from the US

To ensure your calls to India are clear, productive, and respectful, follow these best practices:

Best Practices for Effective International Calling

  1. Quiet Environment:
    • Importance: Background noise can disrupt the conversation.
    • Tip: Find a quiet spot before you start the call.
  2. Strong Internet Connection:
    • Importance: A stable internet connection is crucial for call quality.
    • Tip: Use Wi-Fi or ensure a strong mobile data signal.
  3. Preparation:
    • Importance: Having necessary information at hand ensures a smooth conversation.
    • Tip: Gather documents, notes, or contact info before the call.
  4. Time Management:
    • Importance: Respecting the time difference avoids inconvenience.
    • Tip: Use online time zone converters to schedule calls appropriately.
  5. Technical Check:
    • Importance: Ensuring your equipment works properly avoids disruptions.
    • Tip: Test your camera and microphone if you’re using a video call.
  6. Backup Plan:
    • Importance: Being prepared for technical issues ensures continuous communication.
    • Tip: Have an alternative method, like email, in case the call fails.
  7. Cultural Awareness:
    • Importance: Understanding cultural norms improves communication.
    • Tip: Research Indian business etiquette or social customs if the call is professional.

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Calling Methods

Different calling methods offer various benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a detailed look:

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Calling Methods

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services


  1. Cost-effective: Generally lower rates than traditional services.
  2. Additional Features: Often include call forwarding, voicemail, and virtual numbers.
  3. Flexibility: Can be used from various devices with an internet connection.


    1. Quality Issues: Dependent on internet connectivity and bandwidth.
    2. Emergency Services Limitations: May not support emergency calls.
    3. Internet Required: A stable connection is essential.

Calling Cards


  1. Portability: Can be used from any phone.
  2. Pay-as-you-go: Control over spending without long-term commitments.
  3. No Internet Needed: Useful in areas with poor internet.


  • Hidden Fees: Potential for hidden charges or connection fees.
  • Limited Features: Basic call functionality without extras.
  • Access Number Needed: Must remember and dial an access number.

Mobile Applications


  • Convenience: Easy to make calls from smartphones or tablets.
  • Affordable Rates: Competitive international calling rates.
  • Additional Features: Messaging, video calls, and call recording.


  • Data Usage: Can consume significant data, leading to potential overage charges.
  • Battery Drain: May drain device battery quickly.
  • Network Limitations: Some features may not work on cellular networks.

Country Code and Local Area Codes of India

Country Code:

Country CodeCountry

Local Area Codes in India:

AreaArea Code

Please note that the area codes provided here may not be exhaustive and may vary depending on the specific locality within India.

  1. Recap of Calling Options and Best Practices

    Whether you prefer traditional calling cards, internet-based apps like callmama, Skype, or exploring international plans through your phone provider, there are many ways to stay connected with loved ones in India. Remember, the best option for you depends on how often you call, whether you need the flexibility of a mobile app, and your budget.

  2. Encouragement to Stay Connected with Loved Ones Globally

    In today’s globalized world, maintaining those connections across borders is more important than ever. Don’t let distance stand in the way! With the knowledge from this guide, you can find a way to make those calls to India happen, keeping your relationships strong no matter how many miles apart you may be.


If you want to call India from the USA or any other country, download My Country Mobile’s CallMama app. Subscribers can talk to each other for free, even from Middle Eastern countries. For calls to anyone in India, CallMama offers the lowest prices compared to other providers.
Download the CallMama app here and start enjoying affordable, high-quality international calls today.
By leveraging these tips and choosing the right calling method, you can maintain strong connections with your loved ones and business contacts across the globe. Don’t let distance stand in the way—stay connected with CallMama!

FAQ Related to Calling India from the USA:

What is the process for calling India from the USA?

To call India from the USA, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the USA exit code: 011.
  2. Dial India’s country code: 91.
  3. Dial the area code (for landlines) or skip this step for mobile phones.
  4. Dial the local phone number.
    • Example for landline: 011-91-22-5434-8976 (Mumbai)
    • Example for mobile: 011-91-781-781-8976

The country code for India is +91.

No, you do not need an area code when calling a mobile phone in India. Simply dial the country code (+91) followed by the 10-digit mobile number.

The best times to call India from the USA are typically during India’s daytime hours. Here are optimal times based on US time zones:

  • Eastern Time (ET): 10:30 PM – 7:30 AM
  • Central Time (CT): 9:30 PM – 6:30 AM
  • Mountain Time (MT): 8:30 PM – 5:30 AM

Pacific Time (PT): 7:30 PM – 4:30 AM

  • Consider using a time zone converter to ensure you are calling at a convenient time.
  • VoIP Services: Skype, Google Voice, WhatsApp
  • Calling Cards: Prepaid cards such as AT&T and Vonage
  • Mobile Apps: WhatsApp, Viber, Rebtel
  • International Calling Plans: Plans offered by phone carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services use the internet to make voice calls instead of traditional phone lines. Examples include Skype, Google Voice, and WhatsApp. These services are often cheaper and offer additional features such as video calls and messaging.

Yes, several apps offer free calling options to India:

  • WhatsApp: Free voice and video calls, requires both parties to have the app.
  • Google Voice: Free calls to US numbers, low-cost international calls.
  • Viber: Free calls between Viber users.

To avoid hidden fees:

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Check for any connection fees or surcharges.
  • Compare rates from different providers.
  • Choose reputable calling card providers.
  • Frequency of Calls: How often you will be calling India.
  • Call Quality: Whether you prioritize clear connections.
  • Internet Access: If you have reliable Wi-Fi or a strong data plan.
  • Cost: Your budget for international calls.

Always save the contact with the country code (+91). For instance, save a Mumbai landline as +91-22-XXXX-XXXX and a mobile number as +91-XXXXXXXXXX.

Here are some area codes:

  • Delhi: 11
  • Mumbai: 22
  • Bangalore: 80
  • Chennai: 44
  • Hyderabad: 40
  • Kolkata: 33

Yes, if you use apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype, you can use mobile data or Wi-Fi to make calls to India. Be mindful of your data usage to avoid overage charges.

Yes, some limitations include:

  • Quality Issues: Dependent on internet connectivity and bandwidth.
  • Emergency Services Limitations: May not support emergency calls.
  • Internet Required: A stable connection is essential.
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