657 Area Code Garden Grove

The 657 area number is a telephone code that serves Garden Grove, Orange County, California. It introduces in 1998. This is the final area code to Orange County since 1947 when the 714 area codes were introduced. In the 1980s, the Orange County region’s southern part was divided to create the 949 area codes. Although plans are in place to create a new Orange County area code, 951, there is no set date.

Garden Grove is among the safest cities in California. Also, Garden Grove has a low crime rate and is well-maintained. Garden Grove is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a place with lovely homes, clean parks, low crime rates, and a friendly community. Garden Grove is located in Orange County, California. Therefore, the 2010 census showed that the city had 170,372 residents. It is the heart of Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, and the seat of Orange County. 

Business Features With 657 Area Code Garden Grove

The 657 area code covers Garden Grove, California, and the surrounding areas. In 1947, the 657 area code establish. Garden Grove is located in Orange County, California. Alonzo Cook founded the city in 1882. Also, it was incorporated in 1960. It gives your business an edge over the rest. Santa Ana, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, and Westminster are all nearby. Garden Grove is approximately 30 minutes from Disneyland. Also, other nearby attractions include the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, the Honda Center, and the Anaheim Packing District. It is also the largest city in the San Gabriel Valley. But 657 Area Garden Grove, Alonzo Cook founded Garden Grove in 1874. Garden Grove can name a nearby grove that Cook and other European immigrants planted in the 1840s.

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is a feature that records all calls to and from a number. You can listen to the recorded calls later or download them as an audio file. The phone must connect with the Call Monitoring feature to record calls. However, go to the menu, select Settings>Call Settings>Call monitoring, and then follow the prompts to add the new number to be monitored. Call monitoring is an integral part of any call center. 657 Area Code Garden Grove, call monitoring involves listening to calls, recording them, and analyzing them. However,  it would be hard to see what your agent is doing over the phone without call monitoring. Therefore, a call monitoring script is necessary. It should write so that agents know what to do on the phone. But the hand should keep current to reflect any changes.

657 Area Code Garden Grove

Voice Mail

Firstly, you can use voice mail on your existing phone line. Voice mail is free. You can control how many rings it takes before voicemail picks up the call. Moreover, this feature will make your customers feel that you are always available. Voice messages are sent to your email address. 657 Area Code Garden Grove, voice mail service providers also offer an auto attendant option. You can personalize the greeting and include your business information. Your virtual phone number will not charge for long-distance calls. Secondly,  you can use your regular phone number to have a virtual voicemail number and a local virtual number. Also, you can forward any number to another number and have unlimited extensions. You can also use a voice mail virtual number to access voice mailbox, voicemail email, and fax-to-email.

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