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My Country Mobile (MCM) is strategically positioned to assist by giving a reliable VoIP phone services to drive your recruitment and talent hunt operations. While communicating with suppliers, applicants and other relevant personnel, MCM’s VoIP Phone system comes in handy and is helpful.

Enjoy very clear and stable international calls with a flexible, affordable and efficient business VoIP phone. Besides, our requirements are not complex or strenuous. Importantly, most organizations within the industry find our VoIP phone service super useful and dependable. With our complete cloud information suite, you can relax comfortably, knowing that your company is in the right hands via our call administration function.
MCM team helps to configure your VoIP phone service in a fast, easy and amazing way. It will also interest you to know that our services are cost-effective. The telephone line involves inbound call administration, voicemail transcription, call routing, call recording, IVR, and more. You stand to gain other functionalities such as call supervision, call forwarding, call recording etc.

Experience any of our VoIP services without any setup charge or small period’s agreement.

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My Country Mobile (MCM) is quick in service delivery and we help with the configuration of your local business phone numbers and VoIP call center number.

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Cheap VoIP Rates

To grow your  business, you must make profit and save cost.  Get our complete VoIP phone solution and enjoy peace of mind  knowing  your company owns a conventional call administration device to simplify your call operations and give your business the necessary platform to grow with super cheap rates. Most  companies are moving to My Country Mobile and saving 50% on VoIP phones.


Easy Management of Calls

Our VoIP calling technology can ease the burden of management by providing a centralized and simplified platform through which you can manage your call operations. Access the benefit of automatic user network efficiency.


Cloud-Based Phone System

With My Country Mobile’s cloud-based phone system, you can make calls, manage calls and access your call contacts and reports from anywhere in the world. It is not a location-dependent solution. Transfer your call contacts and details to the cloud with a simple interface using your internet.


Analyze Sales Productivity

Our VoIP call system enables your team to collaborate and work together no matter where they are on the globe. Most importantly too, you can access and analyze your sales productivity report no matter where you are based.


Decrease Phone System Expenses

At My Country Mobile, we provide your with the most affordable call rates anywhere in the world with no invisible charges. Pay for only what you consume and enjoy our services without unnecessary levies.


24/7 Customer Support

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer 24/7/365 support for service affecting issues. We do not just sell our products and service and go, rather we sell and stand by you, ensuring you enjoy what you paid for through effective and reliable support all the time.

VoIP for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies
The recruitment companies  like to use our call center solution to communicate with their customers, applicants(candidates), staffers and other stakeholders. After signing up to our prestigious VoIP call center software, you start enjoying great functions such as call administration points like call line supervision and  production analyzing device.
Get VoIP Software VoIP for Recruiters
Configure your company’s phone channels with My Country Mobile’s VoIP service for recruitment agencies then begin to enjoy huge software benefits, for example hunt groups, IVR, forwarding an international call, and many more. Interestingly, get rewarded for transferring current phone numbers with My Country Mobile global Mobile interface.

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