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Know about our phone number, learn everything you need to about the United States’ phone numbers. The United States is a large and well-developed country. There are many residents. The US provides employment opportunities for many people from other countries and a lot of tourists. Therefore, it can be challenging to get a US-based phone number. However, several telephone network systems allow you to connect anywhere in America with people from all over the world. Here is a guide to the US phone numbers and the things you should remember before dialing one.

know about us phone number

American standard phone numbers have ten characters. The area code was used to identify the country where the phone was found in the past. With mobile phones becoming more popular, phones might be located in areas with different area codes.  Calls made from a mobile phone with another number code must use the area codes of the number calling. Most people are provided with a local number that contains seven digits. It would be best if you asked for the areacode. When calling from outside your phone’s coverage area, one should dial 1 followed the area code. Next, dial the seven-digit US number. International calling can be initiated by dialing 011, followed by the country code, the region code, and the seven-digit phone number.

Some US Numbers are Reserved For Special Use. Let’s take an in-depth look at these numbers:

  • 911 is the standard telephone number for all emergencies in the country. The fire brigade, police, and ambulances are all emergency services. 911 is an international toll-free phone number.
  • 411 is a general number used to assist with telephone directory assistance. Calling 411 today is a common practice. Some providers provide services at no cost, while others charge a fee.
  • Callers can dial “800”, including “888”, [866], and “855” toll-free US numbers. Long-distance charges do not apply. It is important to note that calls to “800” numbers are subject to charges by hotels and motels. If you block your caller ID, the numbers of other people who dial 800 are available to businesses paying for “800” calls.
  • “900” numbers are usually charged by the minute or by call, depending upon the company’s request which set up the “900”. The law requires companies to inform customers about their call rates before billing starts. Although initially intended to provide informational services, it has evolved to “adult services.” They don’t always disclose the cost, so calls can end up being quite expensive.

Tip: How to Use a Hotel Phone Number:

Hotels and motels often charge high fees for long-distance or local calls. It is common to have a card indicating your phone fee. If you do not have a card, be sure to ask at the reception.

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USA Mobile Phone Service know about us phone number

The United States has excellent phone service, both in urban and rural areas. Along major highways, the service is excellent. However, it may not be easy to assist in rural and remote areas. In addition, this service might not be available in remote areas or at national parks or natural attractions. There are four major national service providers in America. They are AT&T/Mobile, Nextel/ Sprint, Verizon, and Other Regional Service Providers.

Also, many prepaid providers purchase access from national and regional providers and then offer them to customers. As a result, prepaid phones have become very popular. Be sure to verify that your prepaid number works in all country areas if you intend to use it on the road. Two different types of network protocol are used between the providers. Verizon and Nextel/Sprint are using CMDA protocols, while AT&T & T-Mobile utilize GSM and associated SIM Chips. GSM users have to be aware of this fact:

What You Need to Know About Incoming Calls from the US Phone Number

Therefore It would help if you remembered that US calls have a charge for incoming calls. All calls charge regardless of whether they’re incoming or outgoing. The rates charged for calling landlines as well as mobiles are the same. Some companies may have a limit on how many calls can be made to a mobile number. The frequency band used in North America and Europe is not the same as those used elsewhere. When you arrive in the USA, there are many options for purchasing prepaid SIMs or phones online. It is easy to do, and it is cost-effective. SIM cards are typically bought at kiosks found at major airports, shopping centers, etc.

What’s the Deal with Calling Cards?

Calling cards allow you to make international and long-distance calls at rates lower than the residential phone service, cellular, or hotels. Calling cards can often be purchas at mini-markets as well as in liquor or drugstores and gas stations. In addition, these cards can purchase at hotels, airports, and convention centers. These cards can us only from the provided telephone. VoIP is preferr over calling cards due to poor call quality, voice latency, and background noise. Cards with meager calling rates are available in specialty markets and ethnic stores serving people from those countries. Therefore matter which card you have, all cards work in the same manner. First, the access number can found on each card. Next, dial the card’s PIN and finally the desired telephone number.


That was about all you need to know regarding US phone numbers and US-toll-free telephone numbers. These Therefore numbers will help you travel to the United States. Keep these points in mind, and you will be fine. Even if there are still problems, it is possible to seek help from other people and solve them.