How to Call Mexico from the US is a beautiful tourist destination and provides a lot of opportunities for workers and tourists. To book a room or inquire about tours, You will need to get in touch with the hotel. You can call your home after you arrive at your destination. You will also interact with your family. These calls will require you to dial different codes than in your country.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to dial Mexico. Depending upon the route you take, it could be costly and complicated; however, it can also be affordable and straightforward. This blog will provide a detailed explanation of how Mexico’s phone numbers work. In addition, these numbers can be connected to make international calls. To help you prepare for your journey to Mexico For help in preparing for your trip to Mexico, look up the travel guide.

Step-by-Step instructions on How to Call Mexico from the US

Prefixes are not needed The significant change to the telephone dialing regulations on the 3rd of August 2019 declared that the service code links to call Mexican long-distance numbers from Mexico and to call Mexican cell phone numbers from Mexican landline phones were removed (044, 045,)

These additional features and the elimination code “1”, which confuses Mexican telephone numbers when dialing, are gone.

Let’s sum up the changes:

  • The prefixes for Mexico’s calls no longer have to be 01, 044, or 045 for calls within the country.
  • The digit “1” is not necessary when dialing a Mexican phone number from overseas.

The introduction of these enhancements streamlines how Mexican landlines will be dialed. This brings Mexican telephone dialing regulations into line with those in the United States or Canada.

  1. Calling to and How to Call Mexico from the US

When you call a Mexican phone number within the same area,

  • First, dial the two or three-digit area number, and then dial the seven or eight-digit number for the locality.

Making calls to Mexico from a Mexico landline phone line based out of another area –

  • You can dial the area code or number. 01.

You can call the Mexican landline number with the Mexican cell phone.

  • You can dial area codes from your Mexican mobile phone.

To call using a Mexican mobile using a Mexican landline number –

Mexican cell phones can be reached from and to Mexico.

Calling from Mexico while on vacation –

  • You can dial [insert an alternative cell phone number here] to access the area code.
  • No need for 045 and 045 to add to the Code

Making calls to Mexico from a foreign country –

  • To reach Mexico For Mexico-related assistance, dial the Mexican Country Code, followed by your area code and the phone number.
  • Do not include the “1” after +52. After +52, please remove the “1?” as it was unnecessary before the 3rd of August 2019, 2019.

When calling from Mexico, you can make calls to any number.

  • Dial Mexico is +52, which is the international Code. Then it is the local Code followed by the phone number.

However from phones that are not Mexican calling from other countries

  • Enter the “+” key followed by the area code, country code, and number.
  • Skip to 044, 00 and 045

Calling from Mexico to European phones can cost a lot, but calls to Canada and the United States will be cheaper depending on which calling plan you pick. These guidelines will ensure that you can reach Mexico by phone without problems. Their low cost and other features can be utilized to promote your company.

What area code should I use?

1. To make a call to Mexico from America, Use area codes.

To dial Mexico using U.S. cell phones and landlines to call Mexico, dial the U.S. exit code first; after that, dial the Mexico codes for the country. Mexico has many areas codes, similar to other countries.

2. Save big on your Mexican cell directory for phones.

It is wise to archive all numbers in the international dialing format to ensure no confusion when you move to the United States from Mexico.

Your Mexican contacts will store on your cell phone.

This will allow you to connect your calls, and you don’t need to make any changes within the U.S. or Canada. You can also roam to Mexico without making any changes. Press and hold the zero on the phone’s dial pad.

What is Mexico’s mobile number?

  1. Dialing Mexico’s cell phone number using the U.S.

There are many ways to connect with Mexico’s landlines from your cell phone.

  • Enter

For international calls, dial 011 from your phone.

  • Enter your Mexican country code 52
  • To erase the trunk code

After dialing 1, the trunk number, which in your case was 044/ 045, will eliminate. This is used to call Mexicans from other countries.

  • Enter your area code

Enter the area code for the location you desire.

  • Include the phone number.

After that, enter the remaining numbers and hit the call button.

What is the best way to make a business-related phone call from Mexico-US?

Voice over I.P. phones can use to make a call from Mexico to the United States. If you have learned how to make a personal phone call to Mexico from the U.S.A., you need to do the same for business purposes.

Although the process may be identical to conventional business practices, the goals and goals are different. Employees aren’t given a chance to follow the same process.

However, should consider using a telephone company that can offer Mexico calls at a cheaper cost. In addition, it allows you to have complete control over all call center numbers. However, will enable you to control all routing policies and routing.

What can you do to lower the cost of calling Mexico frequently?

However Businesses with a base in the United States that frequently call Mexico should cut their expenses.

Therefore issue can address by switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol. Similarly is an excellent alternative to paying for international calls.

With VoIP phones, you may also bypass the tedious dialing process to complete calls.

You can also buy virtual numbers that are local to your area code to reduce call costs.

Similarly Software for call centers allows international calls for companies of all sizes.

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