Ways To Improve Call Center Occupancy Rate


Call Center utilizes numerous measurements to survey and work on the proficiency and efficiency of their representatives with Occupancy Call Center. One such measurement is the inhabitance rate. It decides how bustling specialists are, whether or not they have sufficient staff and the adequacy of their administration.

What is Occupancy Rate?

The inhabitance rate is the time counselors spend available for any emergency-related exercises. Therefore, It incorporates talk time, holds Time, and after-call work like information section or sending messages.

Working out Call Center Occupancy Rates

Call focus inhabitance rate recipe:

Inhabitance = Time spent available to work-related exercises/Total Time signed in


  • Call-related time = Total talk + Total hold + Total after-call time
  • Absolute Time signed in = The Time that was spent in the framework between sign-in and close down
  • This model will assist you with seeing how to compute the inhabitance rates for two specialists.
  • Agents Signed in Signed out Total Logged In Time (mins). Above all, Total Time (mins) Total Time Hold (mins). Total After-Call Work Time (mins). Total Handling Time (mins)
  • 1 09:30 15:30 300 191 22 45 258
  • 2 09:27 15:33 306 197 18 51 266

Total 606 524

  • Inhabitance of Agent 1: (258/300) X 100 = 86%
  • Inhabitance of Agent 2: (266/306) + 100 = 86.92%
  • Generally Occupancy Ratio: (524/606) X100 = 86.6%

Keep a specialist’s inhabitance pace of between 85-90%. An inhabitance rate lower than 85-90% could diminish consumer loyalty, while an inhabitance rate higher than that could cause specialist burnout.

Improve Call Center

How might you upgrade the call focus inhabitance rate?

1 Monitor Call Volume At Different Times

Many calls come in over the day. As a result, there will be total hours and quiet times. In Addition, You will want to more readily decide the proper staffing levels for busy and calm times by observing bring volume after some time.

2-Participate in Cross-Training Programs for agents

Mixed specialists Call center inhabitance rates by dealing with both outbound and inbound calls. To settle on inbound and outbound decisions more proficiently, you’ll have to offer preparation projects to your representatives. Then, they would find out about best practices and have the option to deal with bringing in calmer hours.

3 Reduce the Number Of Agents

Low inhabitance rates can be brought about by overstaffing. To gauge the logical number of calls, you will get in the following three months, break down the call volume beyond 90 days. Then, to keep up with higher inhabitance rates, you can diminish the number of specialists.

4 Consider Partially Outsourcing or Hiring Remote Agents

It may not be imaginable to answer all calls immediately during top hours. It can hurt the consumer loyalty rate on the off chance that you rush specialists to complete calls rapidly and bounce on to another. Instead, consider reevaluating or utilizing far-off specialists to deal with additional calls during top hours. It guarantees that every worker has the most noteworthy conceivable inhabitance rate without compromising assistance quality. My Country Mobile also Specialized in different products like CLI Routes, NCLI Routes, CC Routes, and VoIP Routes. My Country Mobile offers the best USA virtual phone number around the world. Check out how the 613 area code, 240 area code, 852 area code, and many more. see also Uncover 7 Must-Know Remarkable Benefits


A high inhabitance rate expands efficiency and consumer loyalty. Follow the four stages to advance your call community inhabitance rate. Know more about Call Forwardings & SIP Trunk Troubleshooting.

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