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To register: You will need to download their application, sip-discount

Www Sipdiscount Com Login

Their Hard-to-find FAQ along with Guidelines Web Page 

Sipdiscount was charging for free calls (up to date, February 26, 2006):

above and again (at least given that February 9, 2006), Sipdiscount were charging their clients to receive complimentary calls, including, e.g., into Canada as well as America. Equally, servers (sip.sipdiscount.com and also sip1.sipdiscount.com) are manipulated, or so the caller does not hear the communication, simply how far will probably be charged to your telephone.

What’s more, Sipdiscount hasn’t upgraded its charges on the site. Hence, clients are illegally being billed. The only way to learn will be to see your telephone heritage on the site. Completely free calls will probably be billed per minute. Even with hundreds of efforts, Sipdiscount wasn’t able to respond to buyer grievances, and it has not upgraded its premiums or informed its clients credited for its fictitious bill. 

Up to date: Considering February 24, everything looks normal. I am going to inform everybody if they perform it, particularly since it wasn’t the very first time it happened. As confirmation listed here is a summary of free-of-charge calls I produced that ended up inacceptably charged, assess your telephone history throughout those times and assess when you’re charged far too. If it comes about yet again, you may get an upgrade submitting quicker than they can transform off it. 

Free-of-charge calls billed: 

Consider just how intriguing this is: 

2006-02-22 11:48:51 +49203364xx xx 00:03:02 totally free! 

22-02-2006 12:13:04 +49203364xx xx 00:01:04 àpennies Ãpennies â’¬Å¡ ¬ 0.0100 

2006-02-22 12:17:03 +49203364xx xx 00:01:22 totally free! 

It appears as though they set the situation (starting on February 4), and you can forget forecasts have been charged inappropriately. If it keeps going like that, I’ll get rid of this article at the very top and then turn it into some more compact observation (bottom of the webpage).

Properly, that isn’t quite accurate. They charge for totally free locations” if there is unfair usage,” as they call it. By that, they imply surplus use, of course. 



Now you want a  low-cost SIP user name and password to be predicted via your system. Only join and then make your login. In the event you require assistance upgrading your SIP apparatus, remember to examine the manual that came along with your SIP router or phone. 

The atmosphere beneath should do the job of getting incoming & outgoing phone calls (should you have a VoIP in variety on your own account webpage). 

It’s been analyzed using a French community 01—VoIP in (DID) quantity. 


Username: The SIP low-cost Username 

Accounts: Your Document 

SIP/Proxy registrar: sip1.sipdiscount.com (brand new: view advocated configurations ) 

(Feb 2006: sip.sipdiscount.com cannot cope with IAX: sip1.sipdiscount.com) It acknowledges itself as a “user-agent: (Really great Sip Registrar Server”). Notice: sip1.sipdiscount.com resolves towards the same collection of IP addresses as connectionserver.voipstunt.com; also, VoipStunt presents lots of free locations (visit Finarea SA’s page) 

Domain/Realm (discretionary ): sipdiscount.com 

STUN host: stun.sipdiscount.com 


To get an updated listing, please consult with this webpage to get Finarea SA (or, even better, into this supplier’s official speeds webpage ) 

Asterisk Preferences 

Back in sip.conf: 

[overall ] 

circumstance =incoming; crucial because coming in sip-discount should come compared to this circumstance 

enroll => undefined:undefined@sip1. sipdiscount.com 


Variety: peer reviewed 

server =sip1.sipdiscount.com 





let =alaw; just alaw performs together with sip1… 

; let =g729; however, there is no method to possess DMTF together with G.729! 

Back in extensions.conf: 

[in coming ] 

In-coming out of SIPDISCOUNT, that will be free of circumstance, merely the default option… 

extent = undefined, 1, Goto(s, 1); important, you arrive at a username, and perhaps not so! 

In the event you inhabit within the United States, it may be helpful to add a paycheck yes announcement to this above-mentioned and regularly assess your ping moment as this supplier relies on Europe. 

To dial out with this particular use online: 

in the right area, inside your extensions. conf display. 

You may also enrol in SIP with: 

However, I don’t believe that this is necessary because there is no recourse right into you personally unless somebody else comes with a VIP discount account and dials that you identify. 

Up to date: February 24, 2006: It failed to utilize IAX.

That is why the DIAL lineup previously has 00 in front of this undefined 

Asterisk@Home Preferences (Utilizing 2.5) 

Be aware: The calling preparation doesn’t isolate the phone quantities in all of these programs. 

Note 2: This really can be set up to separate North-West the United States and Global due to the fact that within my setup I’ve got alternative North-America phoning providers and also have numerous trunks in backorder. 

The settings below enable one to dial up with SipDiscount in a northwestern manner. Hint: 1-416-555-1234 would undoubtedly be converted to 0014165551234. 4165551234 is likely to be changed to 0014165551234, undoubtedly. 555 1234 will undoubtedly be converted to 0014165551234, and most of the global dialling will fall to 011 and insert 00. 

Insert SIP trunk: 

Trunk Identify: SIPDiscountFree 

Peer Particulars: 

permit =gsm&U-LAW 


disallow=most of 


accommodate =yes 

key = 

form =peer reviewed 

User-Name = 

Distinct all from Person Interface and Consumer Particulars 


Set up outbound routing: 

Trunk Sequence: Insert SipDiscountFree 

Trunk Sequence: Insert SipDiscountFree 

Isolation of chargeable paths from complimentary avenues 

Please buy the most recent edition of the LCDial.sh AGI script and also the LCDC cheapest dial plan compiler. 

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