IVR Call Routing Strategies for Your Business

IVR Call Routing Strategies for Your Business

IVR call routing is the key to providing customers an excellent customer service experience and a time-saving business tool. So let’s see the ways to do it.

  • Bets Call Routing Strategies
  • How to Setup IVR
  • How IVR Works


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What is the working of IVR?

Interactive Voice Response is an automated system that provides callers with pre-recorded messages and options to route their calls. Features that come with it:

  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Hosted Call Recording
  • Call Queue Management
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

IVR technology is an excellent way to provide customer service that’s both friendly and efficient. It also improves your company’s ability to monitor KPIs, which means you’ll be able to track results much more quickly!

Top IVR Call Routing Strategies

If a business needs to route calls efficiently, it should use IVR. Companies can do this in many ways, depending on their needs. Let’s look at the strategies you can use for the business phone system.

1. Direct Routing

IVR menus are a great way to direct callers who need help immediately. By using an automated system, you can quickly select what type of assistance is required and be routed directly towards that departments’

2. Self-Service Routing

IVR menus are excellent for callers who need information unavailable during business hours. They can select from one of the numbers on offer and connect with a live agent in seconds! The customer won’t have to wait around and will be impressed by how quickly you can answer questions. In addition, it will save the company money by not having an agent on hand for every little thing so that they can focus elsewhere!

3. Geographic Routing

Your business has a unique dial code that is required for call forwarding. When someone calls you, their location will be determined based on this number’s inputr and then routed accordingly!

4. Time-Based Routing

IVR Systems is designed to provide a personal experience for every customer. When you call, the IVR system will direct your call based on what time it is or which day of the week that may be!

5. Skills-Based Routing

The customer can input any need into the IVR system and also match with an agent with the appropriate skill.

6. Data-Directed Routing

Data helps us identify the caller and then route you to an agent who can help with your call. The idea of using data to identify customers and prioritize them is great. It can be done in many ways, like priority-based or value-based systems. 

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How Can You Setup IVR

IVR systems are easy to provide customers with more information about your company. The process is simple, and there’s no need for advanced features if they don’t want them!

There are several providers to choose from when you need a business phone. Some offer IVR features and also related services such as MCM! 

The MCM platform is the perfect solution for any business managing customer service calls. With its easy-to-use web interface, you can also easily record and monitor conversations live!

Assist Us

IVR systems are the best way to save money and be more efficient. IVRs can help any business, also no matter how big or small. If you’re unsure what route is best for your business, we encourage exploring different options and hope this article helped guide the search.

We hope that our article has helped also provide some insight. If there’s anything else about this subject matter, please  feelfree to reach out. We know that our customers and readers come to us for the latest information on what’s happening in their industry, so we’re never too far away from an update.

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