Wifi Ata Voip

wifi ata voip

Wifi Ata Voip


SunComm Wi-Fi ATA SC-3012wa, wifi ata voip

BroadBand Router using Wi-Fi and for instance, VoIP to Present Outstanding Play Assistance

Two traces FXS + One PSTN Failover rear VoIP Gate Way

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g AP style

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g customer style

WDS Repeater style

Common repeater style


SC-3012wa can be a wi-fi VoIP Gateway, that united 2-port FXS, 1-port PSTN failover backup, in addition, inch WAN / 4 LAN modem ip address Gateway, along with 802.11b/g W-Lan jointly. However, Even the PSTN user interface supports power failure to manually modify 2-FXS traces to PSTN telephone mechanically and dial up to PSTN lineup by hand, wifi ata voip.

Wireless LAN could be configured to Access Point or consumer manner, together also with, mechanically site scanning and also get controller by MAC address. It supports both but, WDS and also common Repeater to join unique wireless systems collectively.



 However,Convenient for Triple Play Products and Services (Voice, net and Online Video amusement ) as Household Gate Way

Constructed Wi-Fi AP, Wi-Fi Consumer, Therefore, IP Gateway along with VoIP, devoted for Company, SOHO, Property Person, wifi ata voip.

Assistance both equally WDS and also common Repeater, join into your wireless system readily.

 Above all Hook up to some range of ISP’s wireless system readily, 

Assistance varied media link of ADSL/Cable modem, both 3G/WiMax Modem and xDSL Leased lineup.

A number of VPN proto-col pass-through, to incorporate with the present VPN community.

Adaptable Dial Arrange for both VoIP, PSTN, and Wi-fi telephone numbers.

Stability guarded from Firewall and also Denial-of-service, wifi ata voip.

Voice package (two traces FXS) has increased priority compared to some other vents.



Configure & up Date process: Online Browser (HTTP)

Entry password placing and then alter,

IV R statement of IP speech in addition,

Technique Status signal, wifi ata voip

Technique Statistic

Conserve Reload Placing parameter, 

 For instance ,Technique Log Conserving locally and liberally

 In addition,Day & Time placing



Triple-play VPN community program as Household GateWay.



Therefore, Hardware user interface, 

Ethernet Port (rj 45, 10/100 foundation -)

— 1-WAN port join with ADSL/Cable modem or xDSL rented line.

— 4 LAN ports join with a personal computer or in other words alternative Network apparatus.


IP Community Relationship


Ip-telephony, wireless ata voip, wifi ata voip

SIPv2 (RFC 3261)

out-bound proxy places to raise overall performance, security and productivity, wifi ata voip.


Voice Codec


C All Features

Telephone Zoom, 

Telephone Transfer (Blind)

Contact Ahead (Unconditional, No reply or Lively )

Phone Alliance (3ways ),

telephone Variety Prepare,

Proxy Routing C-all

Immediate IP Telephone,

Routed to distant PSTN Cell Phone

Speed-dial, wifi ata voip


Prefix code, insert/drop



802.1x ray Wireless Encryption and Authentication

Build-in Firewall / / Denial-of-service

MD5 to get SIP authentication (RFC 2069 / / 2617)

Password secure Admin accessibility jurisdiction

Nation of source:

Produced in Taiwan




Suncomm Engineering Co., Ltd

Internet site: www.suncommtech.com.tw

Email: liaison6@suncomm.com.tw, for instance,


The MSN:liaison3@suncomm.com.tw

Skype: liaison3.suncomm.com.tw

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