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How to Get a 1300 Number in Australia

How to Get a 1300 Number in Australia

A telephone line provides an invaluable link between you as the business owner with all of your consumers so that they can reach out when needed most! In the era of technology, phone calls are still king. They’re more personal and time-efficient than email or instant chat because you can see how your conversation progresses from start to finish. You can get all the help you need for your business from Australia’s 1300 numbers. No matter where in this country, we’re here to take care of how to get a 1300 number!

Why Do Businesses Purchase 1300 Numbers in Australia?

Many seek an alternative to the traditional 1800 number because they want more control, personalized service, and a better customer experience. That’s why businesses should consider using Australia 1300 numbers which give them all of these benefits with just one call! In Australia, 1300 numbers are known as “local call” numbers.The only other country left with national 1300 numbers for business is Malaysia. 1300 numbers are a great way to get in touch with people without spending too much. They’re also more affordable than 1800 toll-free numbers, which can cost upfront or monthly fees.

What is the cost of 1300 numbers in Australia?

When searching for 1300 numbers, you’ll quickly find an extensive selection of providers. While comparing various plans, remember a few essential questions, such as:-

How much does the setup cost to buy a 1300 Number?

1300 numbers are the ultimate in ease, with no hassles or fees! Some providers may charge a small setup fee on select plans, but it varies from provider to package, so ask upfront about prices before you commit.

What are the monthly subscription charges?

The best way to get a quote for your business is by contacting one of our specialists. We have plans to suit any company’s needs, from small businesses with just ten employees to large corporations employing hundreds! Of course, if you’re a business owner with high call volume, you must consider the per-minute rates for any extra minutes you may need.Unlimited calling packages are available, which can save your company money. The minute plans are perfect for people who want to save money and not be charged extra just because they used more than their allotted minutes. The provider sets the rules for how much you can use your minutes, but they’re usually pretty fair.

For example- MCm’s Business Classic offer is a pay-as-you-go plan that starts at $4.99 per month, with an included minute bundle for 168 minutes worth of calling time available in the basic package starting at just twelve dollars and 49 cents! But with MCM’s 1300 package, you’ll get great rates on mobile or fixed line calls. Many providers offer a variety of plans with different prices per minute. For those who need more minutes, high call volume options are available at competitive rates that will fit your budget!

Do bundled packages have Additional Per-Minutes Call Costs?

There are always extra minutes left over at the end of your call, but you can avoid those pesky charges by using a bundled package. Adding additional minutes can vary between providers, and there is typically a lower rate for higher bundle packages.

Are there any fixed contracts?

You can enjoy the benefits of an unlimited number with no contract term, and cancellation fees apply for ending service before 12 months.

What attributes to hope you can get with your 1300 Number Plan?

The standard features that come with Australia’s 1300 numbers include. However, if you’re looking for some help deciding on a phone provider, there are differences in the types of plans they offer. Most businesses will be interested in features like call forwarding and time-of-day routing that can make your life easier when managing callsThe best business features are usually only available on premium packages or as “add-on” options with additional subscription fees. With the advanced features of IVR and extended call recording, your customers can get in contact with you more easily. MCM has a wide range of VoIP business features that will improve your productivity and efficiency, such as Call recording, IVR, Call forwarding, and many more.

Virtual numbers are an excellent investment for any business, regardless of size or diversity.

What is the process to get a 1300 Number in Australia?

The MCM team has made it easy to order 1300 numbers for your business. So whether you want them through an online shopping cart or by speaking with one of their specialists, check out these essential factors before choosing any provider.

  • Differentiate every provider’s setup costs, per minute rates, and monthly fees.
  • Ensure which features comes in with the package you select
  • Ask whether there are any extra charges for the features you need additionally.
  • Before you sign a contract with an Australia-based provider, test your number’s quality by calling it from another phone.

Having a 1300 number in Australia is easy when you choose the provider who offers what your business needs.

Selecting the correct 1300 number provider 

Choosing the right provider can achieve a professional image for your business. The best part is that with 1300 numbers, you’ll have all of these benefits! In addition, our low-cost phone calls made you feel confident in your business versus shoddy service and dropped calls. When choosing a provider, it’s essential to consider their customer service and coverage. Reputable providers are committed to accessibility and coverage of their customer service. 

MCM is a long-established Australian number carrier with almost 20 years of experience in the communication industry. We have established direct partnerships to provide competitive rates and leading customer support for all your needs! Read more about Maryland Telephone Leverages Cloud Based Tools.

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