How to Call Mexico?
How to Call Mexico?

How to Call Mexico?

How to Call Mexico?

There do many ways to get calls on Mexico, which does locate in Central America. You can do calls on Mexico utilizing softphone apps such as Skype or call mama to a meager rate per minute. if you require to do that to free, then it would need a particular person at the different end from the line to become this application as well. There also do various ways to dial Mexico of a landline within the United States. If you do utilize a regular cell phone or telephone service also do not should free long distance at your phone plan, then thou will most likely incur high rates if calling Domestic or Internationally.

Are you trying to figure out how to call Mexico? Well, the great thing about calling Mexico is that it’s really quite simple once you learn the basics. You’ll first need to know a few words and phrases in Spanish before you’re able to begin your call. For example, when you are trying to call your grandmother in Mexico, it’s important to make sure you don’t say that she’s in the hospital. Instead, you’ll say “in the hospital.” It’s important to know how to call Mexico as this is how your grandmother is referred to when she is ill or in a hospital.

Calling a friend who lives in Mexico will also work but you might have to ask for her number. It’s best to use a land line or cell phone so you can be sure that you are speaking to your friend. After all, if you didn’t know what her number was or what your friend’s name was, you could end up saying something that you later regret. Sometimes when you’re trying to call Mexico, it’s easy to forget about the fact that your grandmother’s in the hospital. It’s important to call your grandmother while she’s in the hospital as this way you can ensure that your grandmother can hear you. If you haven’t heard from your grandmother in a while, you’ll want to call at least once in a month or so to make sure that she is still well.

Calling someone in Mexico is easy to do but it’s important to keep in mind that it is a somewhat delicate subject. Don’t ever take someone’s number or identity. Using your grandmother’s number might help someone identify her but it will be an invasion of privacy. Don’t use your grandmother’s personal information like her address, phone number, and even her name. Use the Internet to search for other ways to call Mexico. It will help if you can provide the other person’s number to your grandmother so that she can hear you and not be upset that you’re trying to call her and will think you are trying to call her again.

How to Call Mexico from the USA or Canada

  • First, dial “011” of any United States phone number. “011” does the exit key to dial out from the USA and Canada.
  • Then dial “52” which implies the Mexico country code, and
  •  dial the Mexican telephone number and complete the call.


  • Please Dial 011 + 52 + 33 + #### ####
  • The “33” above means that area code to Guadalajara  and complete the call.

How to Call a cell phone in Mexico

  • Calling a mobile phone while Mexico does many than calling a landline phone number, and
  • To call a Mexico cell phone, dial 011 + 52 + 1 #### #### – thou must to dial a 1 following this country code 52

List of Area Codes in Mexico

Region Area Code
Acapulco 744
Aguascalientes 449
Apodaca 81
Cabo San Lucas 624
Campeche 981
Cancun 998
Celayal 461
Chihuahua 614
Chimalhuacan 55
Cihuatlà¡n 315
Ciudad Jimenez 629
Ciudad Juarez 656
Ciudad Lopez Mateos 55
Ciudad Obregon 644
Ciudad Victoria 834
Coatzacoalcos 921
Colima 312
Comitan 963
Cordoba 271
Cuautitlan Izcalli 55
Cuernavaca 777
Culiacan 667
Durango 618
Ecatepec 55
Ensenada 646
General Escobedo 81
Gomez Palacio 871
Guadalajara 33
Guadalupe 81
Guanajuato 473
Hermosillo 662
Irapuato 462
Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo 755
Ixtapaluca 55
Jiutepec 777
La Paz 612
Leon 477
Los Mochis 668
Manzanillo 314
Matamoros 868
Mazatlan 669
Mexicali 686
Mexico City 55
Merida 999
Monclova 866
Monterrey 81
Morelia 443
Naucalpan 55
Nezahualcoyotl 55
Nuevo Laredo 867
Oaxaca 951
Pachuca 771
Playa del Carmen 984
Puebla 222
Puerto Vallarta 322
Queretaro 442
Reynosa 899
Rosarito Beach 661
Salamanca 464
Saltillo 844
San Luis Potosi 444
San Nicolas de los Garza 81
Tampico 833
Tapachula 962
Tecate 665
Tepic 311
Tijuana 664
Tlalnepantla de Baz 55
Tlaquepaque 33
Tlaxcala 246
Toluca 722
Tonala 33
Torreon 871
Tulum 984
Tuxtla Gutierrez 961
Uruapan 452
Valparaiso 457
Veracruz 229
Villahermosa 993
Xalapa-Enriquez 228
Zacatecas 492
Zamora 351
Zapopan 33
Zitacuaro 715

Other Resources for Calling Mexico

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