What Is A Point
To Point Connection?

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Point To Point Connection

Point To Point Connections provide a secure way for private data connections to link two locations. Unlike the public internet, this direct data transportation connection is always secure and doesn’t require additional encryption. If you need high-speed data transfer, you can get Point to Point Connections through T1, Ethernet, and DS3 technologies. With unparalleled Quality of Service (QoS), these connections are ideal for private, uninterrupted communication.

Regardless of the affiliation, a direct route is followed. Using aide links can provide secure and strong association data relationships for various applications like report sharing, charge card processing, and 807 area code data support. Moreover, a part alliance package can transmit voice, video, and internet over the same component connection. Part count courses, or Apex through Link, Private Line, Hired Line, and Data Line, are also understood.

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