What Is A MPLS Circuit?

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MPLS Circuit

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) provides secure virtual private connections that link locations across the public internet. Our MPLS solutions simplify connectivity between your sites. MPLSVPN options include CPE-based to easily switch sites or network-based for straightforward provisioning. We provision MPLS circuits over reliable networks, supporting T1, Ethernet, DS3 and higher bandwidth needs. Streamline your multi-site connectivity on our high-performance global MPLS network.

An MPLS network offers Class of Service (CoS) and uses MPLS VPN Enhancement for efficient data transfer, application focus, and secure connections. This technology provides strong network support for Mastercard transactions, data sharing, and speech communication. MPLS course affiliations go by the names MPLS Network, MPLSWAN (VPN-TP1), or MPLST1. Learn more about the importance of a good UC-solution and the 915-area-code of El Paso at Broadsoft highlights.


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