What Is A Point To Point Link?

Point To Point Link is a private data alliance that securely interfaces with two areas of private affiliations. Component accomplice is a closed-connection data transportation affiliation that does not use the public Internet. It is usually secure and doesn't need to worry about data encryption. Part affiliations can be used at all information transmission speeds, including T1, feature guide Ethernet, and component DS3.

Component associations offer unrivaled affiliation quality (QoS), since they include everything, with the exception of ordinary assistance (a private telephone line), and follow an identical direct alliance course. Affiliations utilize feature guide joins to provide strong, secure, network data relationships for applications such as charge card oversight, record sharing, and data support. Part alliances can be used to share voice and video, Internet, and data through an indistinguishable component association. Part joins can be called a Circuit, Private Line, Leased Line, or Data Line.

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