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My Country Mobile (MCM) provides reliable, high quality voice termination service to your international VoIP needs. We can connect you with customers anywhere in the world so that business is done locally or internationally.

With our resilient voice network, you can connect your calling platform to any phone worldwide for reliable call termination.

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The Best Wholesale VoIP Termination Services Around

My Country Mobile is committed to offering our clients all the services they need to reach their goals. Rather than focusing exclusively on closing deals like so many of our bigger competitors, we spend the necessary time to understand our customers and what they’re trying to accomplish. Then, we develop wholesale voip providers india services that fit their unique business requirements.

How Wholesale VoIP Termination providers Can Empower Your Business

If your wholesale VoIP minutes provider business is going to stay competitive, you’ll need dependable services that won’t break the bank. Fortunately, that’s exactly what MCM provides.

We’ve developed solutions that take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in VoIP technology, so you don’t have to worry about phone service dropping or expensive long-distance charges. Our wholesale VoIP services ensure a stable connection is always open.

With My Country Mobile, you won’t just have access to great phone service, though. You’ll also get a dashboard that allows you to manage your numbers, lines, and more. Wholesale sip termination provider can even add applications to add further features to your offerings.

With My Country Mobile, You'll Get...

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Our VoIP termination services offer the kind of secure lines that your customers crave. MCM will empower you to become an authority in the wholesale voip service providers and offer your customers everything they could want in wholesale VoIP providers, including secure, international DID Support, and more.

Wholesale Termination Providers

My Country Mobile is one of India’s largest suppliers of  wholesale voip termination india. We offer connections to the following providers:

My Country Mobile
Telecom Italia
Bell Canada
Telecom Malaysia
China Mobile
British Telecom
China Telecom
MTT Russia
Deutsche Telekom

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At My Country Mobile, we’ve been empowering customers with quality, feature-rich VoIP service since 2012. Here’s how we can help your business thrive in today’s increasingly competitive market for wholesale voip minutes providers:

Knowledge Base

Discover everything you need to know about VoIP technology!


With A-Z VoIP termination services, you’ll get everything you need to benefit from VoIP service without any red tape or hoops to jump through. Carriers will be pre-connected, so you can get started right away. And you’ll benefit from our many services, including top-quality call sound, maximum security, and 24/7 support and oversight. A-Z VoIP termination is perfect for any small business that wants to plug and play without worrying over audits or other frustrating processes for wholesale call termination providers.

What are VoIP
Wholesale Carriers?

VoIP wholesale carriers offer bulk VoIP services to the smaller wholesale VoIP provider. These providers can then provide a range of Voice traffic options to their customers, tailoring them to their needs. This empowers these smaller providers to build a sustainable business without having to invest as much in overhead and expensive equipment. The best VoIP wholesale carriers offer more than just VoIP routes, though. They offer all the bells and whistles that customers could possibly want.

What is
Mobile VoIP?

Mobile VoIP is a kind of VoIP service that uses cloud technology to make and receive calls over the internet using a smartphone. This offers all of the convenience of a mobile phone with the lower costs of wholesale voip providers a-z termination innovation since the voice data is sent over the internet rather than over traditional cell towers. Mobile VoIP ensures individuals and businesses are always connected at the lowest cost possible.

What is VoIP

VoIP routes are similar to traditional telecom routes, only they’re used for VoIP phone systems. These routes allow for VoIP packets to be sent over the internet protocol. This allows for instant, HD sound calls to be made from and to anywhere in the world that has internet access.

What is
VoIP Technology?

VoIP technology is a way to send voice data over the internet rather than through traditional landlines or across cell towers. This makes it a far cheaper option, especially for anyone who already has access to a stable, broadband internet connection. It’s also more secure and accessible, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants versatility in their telephone service.

What are VoIP
Toll-Free Numbers?

Toll free numbers are telephone numbers that use special area code prefixes and don’t require callers to pay for the call. Normally, toll-free numbers feature prefixes like 800, 888, and 877. Not only do toll-free numbers benefit from offering calls for free, but they also lend their owner a sense of credibility and trustworthiness. When people see a toll-free number, they tend to think that the business or organization that has it is credible.

What Are The Benefits Of Voip Apis?

VoIP APIs allow the wholesale provider and other businesses to integrate applications into a phone system. This makes it possible for them to offer their customers a more user-friendly experience.

VoIP APIs offer a tremendous amount of flexibility and countless features, including:

SIP (1)

What is SIP origination and Termination?

Wholesale SIP termination is designed for large businesses and organizations that use a large amount of VoIP phone service, either internally or by providing it to clients. This allows for far more voice data to be sent over the internet than is possible under a normal route.

Wholesale Voice Termination Services

Our SIP trunking network is the perfect option for any provider or larger enterprise that needs to make a large number of telephone services available. If you need the ability to scale quickly and seamlessly, our SIP trunking services will be perfect for your business.

Whether you’re managing a phone system service provider, a wholesale VoIP reseller, or a VoIP carrier, we can help you offer your customers exactly what they need. Meanwhile, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on overhead.


You’ll be able to give your customers exactly what they need with confidence. Why? Because you’ll have our reliable, secure services backing you up. And if problems ever arise, simply get in touch with our 24/7 support team. They’ll ensure everything runs smoothly, no matter what.

Wholesale VoIP Services

At My Country Mobile (MCM), we offer a host of valuable features and services that will make it easier than ever for your business to achieve its goals. We’ll help you simplify and manage all of your communications and marketing efforts using a single channel. Our account dashboard makes it easier than ever for you to get an overview of your customer service efforts, putting control back into your hands.

If you rely on telecommunications for keeping in touch with your customers or clients, MCM can help you do more.

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Wholesale VoIP Services

We offer wholesale VoIP services to businesses of every size. Whether you only need to create an internal phone system that allows employees to connect with their peers at all times, or you’re looking for a customer service solution that integrates advanced APIs, MCM is the answer. We’ll empower your business to achieve its goals without red tape or expensive contracts.

Our Advanced VoIP Features


International Calling

With our services, you'll have access to high-quality international calling no matter where you are or what time it is. And you'll be able to save since our international calling services don't require any additional fees.


No Monthly Fees

Rather than forcing you to commit to a long-term contract, My Country Mobile allows you to pay by the month. This lets you test us out so you can see how our services work for you.


Affordable Rates

The MCM Wholesale Service is one of the most accessible and affordable on the market. Some of our clients have saved as much as $1750 annually per employee by replacing their traditional phone lines with our VoIP services.


Premium Routes

We offer all the bells and whistles you could ever want from a wholesale VoIP service provider, including fas-free routes, quality routes, API integrations, and many more services.

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