What Is NI2?

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The National ISDN 2 standard, also known as NI2, is the perfect interface for Primary Rate Interface (PRI) phone lines. It can connect up to 23 voice or data stations and one ISDN-PRI station to communicate with D Stations. With ISDN PRI collusion, it’s possible to connect voice alliance over long distances and between different territories. Additionally, NI2 supports various applications like video conferencing and dial-up. Streamline your communication system with NI2!

ISDN PRI T1 lines offer faster call setup and more reliable network connectivity than traditional phone lines, making them a great choice for businesses with high call volumes. In addition, these lines provide advanced features such as Caller ID and Direct Inward Dialing through the D channel signalling. Often referred to as T1 Phone Service or T1 Trunk, ISDN PRI T1 lines are a top choice for those looking for digital voice and long distance capabilities.

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