What Is NI2?

NI2 For Primary Rate Interface (PRI), phone plots, the National ISDN 2 standard. It interfaces 23 voice or data stations, and one ISDN-PRI station to hail (D Stations). ISDN PRI collusion allows for key distance and territorial voice alliance. You can also use it with other applications such as video conferencing and dial-up.

ISDN PRIT1 provides a more prominent major plenitude via a PBX telephone framework by setting up and restricting PRI calls quicker than standard phone lines. An ISDN T1 may offer solid systems such as Caller ID or Direct Inward Dialing. This is possible through the D channel motioning over the ISDN PRI line. These PRI T1 lines can also be called T1 Phone Service (Digital T1, Voice, Long Distance, and T1), or simply T1 Trunk.

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