Optimize Operations for Small Businesses with VoIP

VoIP solutions provide SMBs feature-rich, cost-effective communications. Leverage VoIP to unify teams, empower mobility, and serve customers better as you scale.

VoIP Powers Small Business that Plan
for Tomorrow
VoIP gives small businesses key benefits over conventional phone systems through its IP infrastructure, which integrates seamless capabilities.
This facilitates unified team communications, mobility, sophisticated customer experiences, and usage-based cost alignment.
With VoIP, small businesses gain the tools to serve customers better, collaborate across devices, and scale up operations efficiently.
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50% Savings

Say Goodbye to High Phone Bills with VoIP Savings

Keep More Money in Your Pocket with VoIP Savings

VoIP solutions eliminate the need for physical infrastructure to be installed at your location, leading to cost savings on hardware setup and maintenance.

Cost Savings vs. Traditional Phone Services

Our acclaimed support teams possess direct troubleshooting access to our private IP network and in-depth expertise in our telephony platform, enabling quicker issue resolution.


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How the Process Functions
Journey with My Country Mobile VoIP Services
Sign up for our user-friendly Mission Control Portal to easily set up SIP trunks in minutes through intuitive workflows for rapid provisioning, configuration, and telephony management.
Transfer Your Business Phone Numbers
Transfer your phone numbers easily through the portal or using our API. Our FastPort feature streamlines the number porting process, providing full transparency and convenience.
Link Together Your Entire SIP Trunk Network
Allocate numbers and outbound voice profiles to your SIP trunks. Select your preferred AnchorSite and fine-tune your settings for optimal management of your communication systems.
Connect with Your Customers Now
Boost your business with heightened reliability, an enhanced customer experience, and significant cost savings by maintaining a seamlessly functioning VoIP environment.
Everything required to initiate VoIP service.
SIP trunking
SIP Trunking
Technology for sending voice and multimedia communications over the internet, enabling cost-effective and scalable business phone systems.
Global Numbers
Telephone numbers that span various countries, allowing businesses to establish a presence and communicate with customers internationally.
Voice API
A tool enabling voice communication integration into applications, services, and devices, offering features like call management, transcription, and more.
Ready to Embrace the Transition to VoIP Telephony?
Find answers to frequently asked questions about VoIP for small businesses.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows you to make phone calls over the internet instead of using traditional phone lines. With VoIP, your voice is converted into digital data and transmitted over the internet, resulting in cost savings and improved call quality.

VoIP works by converting your voice into digital data and transmitting it over the internet. When you make a call, the audio is broken down into small packets and sent over the internet to the recipient. The recipient’s device then reassembles the packets into audio, allowing them to hear your voice.

Yes, VoIP is generally more reliable than traditional phone lines. With VoIP, you are not dependent on physical infrastructure like copper wires, which can be prone to damage and disruptions. Additionally, VoIP providers often have backup systems in place to ensure uninterrupted service.

Yes, in most cases, you can keep your existing phone number when switching to VoIP. This process is called number porting, and it allows you to transfer your phone number from your current provider to your new VoIP provider. However, it’s important to check with your VoIP provider to ensure that number porting is supported.

VoIP offers a wide range of features to enhance your business communications. Some common features include call forwarding, voicemail, auto-attendant, conference calling, and call recording. These features can help improve productivity, customer service, and collaboration within your organization.