Universal International Freephone Number

VoIP 0800 business numbers usually don’t support calls from other countries. But what if you have clients or customers in multiple countries?

To support universal contact, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) oversees a set of Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) that are essentially international toll-free numbers. These numbers work in multiple countries and are free to call.


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Universal International Freephone Numbers

UIFN numbers are universal toll-free numbers. They are free to call and are functional in multiple countries. Unlike conventional toll-free numbers, they are not limited to national boundaries. Till now, 60 countries have enabled UIFN numbers for international business dealings. These numbers are allocated and looked over by ITU.

A UIFN number is highly beneficial for your business if you deal with customers located in different countries. A toll-free number helps your customers connect with you at no extra cost. Otherwise, international calling is pretty expensive, which may lead you to lose a few potential customers.

Secondly, getting a Universal toll-free number will boost your business by giving a classic look to your business card. Plus, it will help convey that you are global merchandise and hence, trustworthy.

UIFN service features

The first part of a UIFN number consists of a country code (800). The next part is an 8-digit global subscriber number (GSN), resulting in a total of 11 digits universal toll-free number. An international freephone caller needs to dial the country code before the GSN.

call forword

Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature lets you receive incoming calls from multiple countries on your mobile phone number or registered call device.

call- recording

Call Recording​

You can easily record and monitor the calls you receive and ensure quality.

Auto-Attendant icon


Set an auto-attendant to direct your calls to an appropriate portal connected by the dial pad. You can also set up an automated answering machine for your incoming calls.

Voicemail icon


Never miss a call with our voicemail feature that sends the transcripted messages to your email inbox.


Voice Quality

Even when your caller lives in a highly distant country, get the highest voice quality. Your calls will never experience connectivity issues since our numbers are cloud-based.

Does Universal Toll-Free Numbers Work?


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