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SMS charges rely on every destination, including the massage you’re transmitting. Similarly, the SMS Country API improved with vendors, which gives a proper combination of the most remarkable performance at the most reasonable rates. SMS API handled to enable web to send & receive SMS via codes.


We, at My Country Mobile, provides you the cheapest. Similarly, Bulk SMS packages inspire more and massive amounts of Bulk SMS resellers and associates. Basically, we have reseller SMS panel to provide services to all resellers so that they can manage their clients with their brand name.

What are the benefits of SMS API and Bulk SMS?


SMS API is a well-organized software, which allows it to convey text messages through the SMS Gateway system. Similarly, the foundations of SMS connections and the web are majorly separated, as SMS APIs are usually applied to ‘link gaps’ among telecom networks and the big internet. SMS API handled to enable web utilization to send & call receive SMS via code frameworks. Basically, with the massive amount of web expert developers with a telecommunications network. Similarly, there’s an enormous requirement of API Communication and SMS API, which allow fertility globally.

bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is a system where you can send many messages from a single to millions of text messages at the same time with the same cell phone number with API integration or a single click on the button. Similarly, it is a very cheap budget that can help companies to develop a secure conversation with your customers. Bulk SMS is also call Mass Messaging. Basically, the Demand Mass Message is continually getting up, and Bulk SMS offers you the best Quality services.The demands of Bulk SMS and the Mass Message is unusally getting up,and Bulk SMS offers you all the high Quality and Best Services Compare to the Market Service Provider.

We have a Secure and excellent class of SMS API and Bulk SMS services that would assist you in managing your company efficiently.


Missed Call Alert

Missed Call is the most accurate and dependable method of showing attractive and associate connections with the customers and the possibilities. Similarly, we, at My County Mobile, provides you the fastest and effective Missed Call Alert service.


Brand Promotion

My Country Mobile is a brand made by regarded experts from the digital enterprise. My Country Mobile is Pioneer’s new heights every single day by giving our clients 24/7 services. Similarly, the My Country Mobile is known in the market, which is providing outstanding services to clients.


Transactional Bulk-SMS

We, My Country Mobile, offer you a very cheap transactional SMS service, which permits you to interact very easily with your clients. Similarly, the Bulk SMS which sent to the customer to convey the critical message, which is used only for services and products to keep inform customers. Basically, both Non-DND or DND numbers are used for this kind of SMS.


Promotional Bulk-SMS

We, at My Country Mobile offering you a Promotional service at the very lowest price, which can be used for advertising your company by using online marketing globally. Similarly, promotional Bulk SMS mainly used in marketing and sales activity. Basically, and this kind of SMS are used to promote services and products to the clients.


API Support

SMS API is a software that enables itself to transfer messages via SMS Gateway. Similarly, this service provides additional network utilization to combine by our software and also offers assistance to send & receive SMS via code frameworks. Basically, API integration assistance is an accessible faculty where clients can easily integrate their system with our API system. Similarly, the customer can utilize it as per customer requirements.


Sender ID

My Country Mobile is a well-organized Bulk SMS Provider, where we give Own Sender ID to our all clients. Similarly, this Role is an advantage to the customers who need to expand their production by sending SMS with different sender IDs on the first go. Basically, we also give our clients to generate 6 Digit Sender ID codes that will be displayed on the other side mobile phone.

Why My Country Mobile SMS Service are the best?

My Country Mobile is a leading SMS API and BULK SMS service provider offering two-way SMS service across the world over 800+ Mobile Network from anywhere at any time. Basically, My Country Mobile has more than 100,000 programmers who rely upon SMS APIs to receive and send SMS. While using My Country Mobile, we provide you the best quality which is excellent than the greatest. Similarly, and you get significant company margin also you can get advantages of real money.

Dedicated Support

Get support from experts and assistants with the bespoke. Similarly, an alliance to answer your particular requirements, and with 24/7 at your support.

Reliable Deliver

We use the best routes and telecom networks to deliver your message. Similarly, if it is a single SMS or a thousand SMS, we provide you unmatched delivery report.


Free unlimited SMS APIs, and charged for only SMS credits. Similarly, auto text via any of your Apps, CRM, or website by connecting our SMS APIs service.


Zero downtime system with smart routing system to choose the most reliable routes. Similarly, and safe SMS gateway, committed by protecting banks.

Which Company and Organization needs SMS service?

Big Companies

Transport Companies

Small & Medium Business

Insurance & Bank​

Online & IT Services

E-Commerce Business

How does SMS API and Bulk SMS Service work?

SMS service is a system of transmitting a huge number of messages to various people at different places. Basically, they are also used to send important or confidential information and promotional messages. Similarly, this is a handy service, which has 99% of the open price and speedy delivery services.

Write your message

Add Mobile Number from your contact list or manually. Similarly, after adding Number type your message on the body.

Add sender ID

Similarly can add sender ID from any of your campaigns. Similarly, also you need to have pre-approved countries for sender IDs.

Time and date setup

You need to setup date and particular time to send SMS and also you can setup SMS for specific time frames.

Send message

However recipient’s Mobile Number or other information. Similarly, for each and every SMS, once done click the send button.

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