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Advantages of SA Virtual phone number

My Country Mobile offers you the best services for Virtual Phone Numbers around the globe. Let’s check out the most amazing advantages of the South Africa Virtual Phone Number.

Forward your call anywhere in the world
Get a SA phone number from any city within the SA​
30 days free trial for US customers​
Over 25 Plus Cloud PBX Features​​
Free Cloud PBX with Monthly Plan​
No additional cost for Call Recording​​

Virtual Phone Number Features

When you set up participation to these numbers, any of your clients and partners in South Africa can use them to call your business anywhere in the world. All calls are redirected to a number or the Device accommodating your inclination.

The number can be your home or office landline, your association’s call center, a person from your customer support bunch, or your own PDA.

Never Miss a Call
with South Africa Phone Number

Whether or not you are in your work area or going for business or enjoyment, you can have certainty that your calls from customers will South Africa Phone Number everlastingly be answered.

Accept that you’re not available. Therefore, you can have them sent off to another number or send them to a voicemail.

Advanced Virtual Phone System
for South Africa

With My Country Mobile you will get an excellent Cloud PBX features along with the SA Virtual Phone Number

Cloud PBX is a virtual PBX that is directly connected to the database system of an internet cloud. It is a business communication phone system run by an internet connection. A user doesn’t need to set up a PBX box in the office or workplace. It is a unified communication system. Being connected to the direct database system provides the best features and services. Let’s see the features.

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Call forwarding

This feature will enable you to separate your personal and professional life. You won’t want to receive a call when taking a nap or during the downtime. So this feature provides that you can get auto-forward the call to your concerned team, and they will take care of the matter.


Call Recording

Call recording features allow you to store the recorded data and use that later for different purposes. You are getting this feature as a part of our cloud PBX service. The Voice recording feature enables the business owners and the employees to research any part of the business. It is a helpful service.


Call conferencing

Conferencing is the most compelling feature for those who stay remote but need to conduct group meetings. Call conferencing is a direct service to talk to many people simultaneously with a local area code. The call attendees will consider your call as a local call, and your business will get that benefit. Also, it is pretty beneficial for project meetings, the decision-making process, selection of team members, feedback, emergency, and some other situations. Cloud PBX service is integrated with this call conferencing feature.



It is another extraordinary feature provided by the free PBX system. Usually, customers leave voicemails for the companies. Voicemail is automatically stored in the cloud PBX, and the respected person can listen to that later. So, there is no chance of miscommunication. It is also essential for those who don’t have the time to talk over the phone. They can listen to the messages at a time when they get time.


SMS systems

These are usually short messaging systems using cloud PBX. It is handy, especially when you don’t want to talk but need to send the message as fast as possible. It is like a standard text message, but the message receiver will consider it a local one, and you will be valued enough.

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