989 Area Code
Bay City

Michigan’s Area Code (989) covers three areas of Michigan: Central Michigan and the northeastern Lower Peninsula.Also,  Area code 989 came about as a split of area codes 517. State of michigan can be described as a municipal city within the Mid-Michigan region of Central Michigan.

Saginaw County’s capital is also found on the Saginaw River. Saginaw experiences a humid, continental environment. This means there is both hot season and cold season in Saginaw. Saginaw has been a vibrant lumber community since the 19th-century.

Due to the significant demand for lumber Saginaw experienced an explosion in its economy. Saginaw became a major industrial and manufacturing center in the 20th-century automotive industry.

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Bay City Metropolian Statistical
Area's central city

In addition, Bay City is in Bay County, Michigan. It is found on Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay. According to the 2010 census, there were 34 932 inhabitants.

The Bay City Metropolitan Statistical Area’s central city is here. It is also included as part of the Saginaw Midland Bay City Combined Statistic Area.

The Greater Tri-Cities is a region in Central Michigan that includes Saginaw, Midland, and Saginaw. Both James Clements Municipal Airport and MBS International Airport are within easy reach.

Federal Communications Commission and Telephone service provider

Federal Communications Commission and area telephone service providers have announced that specific area numbers within the United States. They  includes 989, must use three-digit area codes for local calls.”For 988 within your area to work, you will need 10-digit local call enabled.

To make all local calls, the area code is requiring along with your telephone number. This applies only to calls within the current local area code. AT&T says this will allow you to switch from your seven-digit local dialing system (LDS) to 10-digit local calling.

Telephone companies state that the change took place on April 24. However, there is a grace period. Since “You should dial ten numbers in your area code and phone number to start calling local calls. 

This will be effective from April 24, 2021. If you forget seven digits and call it back, your ring should still go through.

AT&T recommends hanging up and calling the 7 Digit Area Code

All local calls must have a minimum of ten numbers. Answering calls made with seven digits is prohibited. You will hear a recording saying that the call could not be continued. AT&T recommends hanging up and calling the 7-digit area code.

T-Mobile/Sprint lists the following Michigan area codes as possible for the switch: 616,810,906 & 989. 

Verizon lists life safety devices, medical monitoring, and PBXs. Fax machines and Internet calling numbers. Fire alarm systems, gates. Speed dialers.

Handy or another mobile contact list. You can also create call forwarding. Voicemail services. Others functions. 

Also, Verify that you have added the area code to your website, personal business stationery, and advertising materials.

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Michigan Public Service Commision

Grand Rapids, MI area 616) codes include Flint (810), Flint (989), Michigan Thumb. The Upper Peninsula also contains 906 and 906.Michigan Public Service Commission. They state at “local call” is still phone calls, regardless of how many are dialing. Therefore, everyone should reprogram their devices and speed dialing systems to see them.

Federal Communications Commission reports that affected area code numbers include 608-810. Also, 906-989 number this updating the part of a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is launch at Presque isle.Therefore, Everyone has access to the national suicide prevention hotline. These digits are using to modify your area code. To do this, add them in three middle numbers.