860 Area Code Farmington

860 Area Code Farmington, Connecticut is the owner of the 860 area code. The state was established in 1776. It was initially called the “Colony of Connecticut.” It is known for its colonial heritage, rich colonial treasure, and colonial history. However, it is home to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, one of the most visited tourist attractions in the nation. It covers 4,828 square miles and has a population of 3,574,000. Bridgeport is the state’s biggest city. Hartford is the capital of Connecticut. The 860 area code was introduced to Connecticut in 1994.  It was initially 203 area code. 860 has 1 million residents in the northern part of Connecticut and the eastern part of New York. We will be discussing some numbers within this area code. 860 is the area number for Farmington, Connecticut. 860 was created in 1998 and was separated from 203. Farmington can be found in Hartford County as well as Litchfield County. It also covers New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Contact your local telephone company for more information about the 860 area codes.
860 country code

Business Features With 860 Area Code Farmington

The Farmington area code is 860. This area code is named after the three-digit number that was the first part of the original (860) area code, which covered Connecticut in 1947. Also, the Farmington area number is located just north of the state’s northern edge. It is one of the most compact area codes in the country. An 860 Phone number allows companies to access a national network but keep their local number and identity. Companies can reap the benefits of this number in many ways. Therefore,  telephone carriers do not offer phone numbers beginning with 860. Businesses can now have their own 860 area codes. Customers can choose the area code that companies want to display their business. Also, the 860 areacode is part of many popular area codes such as 203 and 360. Other area codes have phone numbers, such as California, New York, Hawaii, and New York. Customers can still reach businesses directly with a local number.  You can combine multiple numbers by delivering a number, such as a primary business phone number or call center.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking gives you more control over your enterprise communications. Also, SIP trunking allows you to use IP and laptop phones more efficiently than ever. SIP trunking allows you to connect directly with the PSTN. It also allows for greater call control via call routing and forwarding. However, 860 Area Code Farmington, SIP trunking gives you the ability to enhance the functions and features of your IP phone while also offering IT benefits. SIP trunking is a system that provides IP connections between two users. Also, these two users may not be located in the same network. It is a widespread application in the VOIP industry. Moreover,  SIP trunking uses Session Initiation Protocol, sending back-and-forth messages between the two parties. But SIP connections use UDP over IP. It is the most popular VOIP protocol, and it is also the most efficient.
860 country code
860 country code


Firstly, SMS API allows you to send SMS messages via SMS Gateways. You can link an sms API to your app whenever your website or app features require you to send SMS. SMS API can send automated messages from your app or notify the user of an action. SMS API is an API that allows your app to communicate directly with the gateway server using API commands. You can send SMS from your app using an API command. Secondly, the API is typically written in Java and invoked within your app via an XML API call.

 860 Area Code Farmington, the API handles the messages sent and received. Text messages are the best way to keep in touch with customers. You can send text messages to any phone at any time and for a fraction of the price. However, it isn’t easy to create a text messaging campaign that is both personal and emotional, which connects customers.

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