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It is a non-geographic area code, meaning that it is not associated with any particular locality or region. The 201 area code is only used as a phone number prefix or area code.This area code is thought to have been assigned, but not yet used, for the state of Delaware, in addition to the states of New York and New Jersey. This area code is also used for cell phone service and some pager services in the state of New Jersey.

This site is a comprehensive database of all the area code 201 cities hudson and bergen counties in New Jersey. We have a growing list of cities as new area codes are add. As more area codes are creates, more cities and towns will adding to the list. You can also see the same list sorting alphabetically by city. The telephone numbering plan area was split in 1998, fairview fort lee franklin with most of the northern part of the state york city (everything north of a line roughly from the Delaware River to the Hudson River) receiving a new 732 area code, while the southern part of the state retained 201.

201 area code city jersey

201 Area Code History

Area code is a North American Numbering Plan code that covers the entire state of New Jersey. Because the state is so densely populated, the area code uses landline numbers. Instead, the 201 code for wireless telephone numbers, including mobile phones and cell phones. The 201 area code create in 1947 and was the first area code to assign to a state. The code is a non-geographic area code that was create for overlay purposes. This means that the area code only use for wireless numbers, not landline numbers. For landline telephone numbers, the area code is regardless of the city or town. Since the code is a non-geographic area code lawn fairview fort lee, it is possible to have a phone number with a 201 area code and a different prefix, like a 201 area code and 908 area code.


Non -Geographic Area Code

The 201 area code is the area code for the state of New Jersey.  The area code is creates in 1947 and assigns to code 908.  This area code is also overlaid as the  code refers to two states, New Jersey and New York.  The 201 area code create in 1947 to help with the growing demand for telephone services and the growth of the area code. As mentioned before, area code is create from the 908 area code. The 201 is a special area code for the state of New Jersey and is a non-geographic area code.

The area code is one of the original area codes in the North American Numbering Plan, fort lee franklin lakes which currently uses multiple telephone companies in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. However, with the increasing number of mobile phones and VoIP providers, this may not be the case for much longer.

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