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Want your business to feel instantly connected to Los Angeles? A LA area code is the key to making that happen! Here’s why it’s a smart move for your company:

Why a 213 Phone Number Matters

Local Connection = More Customers: People in LA recognize the 213 area code. They’re naturally more likely to call a business that seems local. Having a LA number means more people calling, which can mean more sales.

Trust and Reputation: A LA number makes your business look like it’s well-established in LA. That builds trust, and trust leads to loyal clients.

Smooth Moves for New Businesses: Moving your business to Los Angeles? Get a LA number right away! It makes you look like you’ve been there all along, which helps customers feel comfortable doing business with you.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a big company, a small start-up, or something in between, a 213 area code phone number is a winning move for doing business in Los Angeles. It’s your way to tap into the local market, build trust, and make your business thrive!

Understanding the 213 Area Code Location

Understanding the 213 Area Code Location

The 213 area code is the original heart of Los Angeles! It covers:

  • Downtown LA: The central business hub
  • Chinatown: A vibrant cultural district
  • Parts of Hollywood: Home of the entertainment industry

Why does this location matter for your business?

Immediate local recognition: Customers in these areas instinctively see a LA number as a local company.

Trust factor: People are more likely to do business with companies that feel like part of their community.

Target the right audience: If you want to serve the downtown crowd, Chinatown’s residents, or connect with Hollywood businesses, the 213 gets you directly in that zone.

NeighbourhoodArea Code
Downtown LA213
Parts of Hollywood213

How to Buy a 213 Area Code Phone Number

How to Buy a 213 Area Code Phone Number

Getting a 213 number to boost your LA presence is easier than you might think! Here’s the process:

  1. Choose Your Provider: Several companies offer 213 phone numbers. Some popular options include:
    • Vonage: Reliable features, good for established businesses.
    • Textnow: Affordable plans, great for smaller businesses/startups.
    • My Country Mobile: Budget-friendly, good if you need extra integrations.
  2. Compare Plans: Each provider has different pricing and features. Figure out what you need (call forwarding, voicemail, etc.) and pick the plan that’s the best fit.
  3. Check What’s Available: Don’t get your heart set on a specific number! Use the provider’s tool to see which LA numbers are still up for grabs.
  4. Purchase and Set Up: Once you’ve got your plan and number, just follow the provider’s instructions. They’ll guide you through setup.


  • Porting vs. New: If you already have a business number, you might be able to “port” it over to keep the same number, just with the 213 area code.
  • Think Vanity: If available, consider a memorable LA number that’s easy for customers to remember (like 213-YOUR-BIZ)

Next Up: Even More Benefits of a 213 Number!

Next Up: Even More Benefits of a 213 Number!

Let’s move on to the other powerful advantages of getting a 213 area code for your business!

Competitive Edge:

  • Stand out in a crowded market: Los Angeles is huge, and competition is fierce! A 213 number instantly sets you apart from businesses located outside the area.
  • Attract customers who prefer ‘local’: Many people specifically search for businesses in their area. A LA number puts you on their radar.

Enhanced Marketing:

  • Targeted campaigns: Use your 213 number in ads, flyers, and promotions specifically aimed at the LA market. Track which ones are most successful!
  • Local SEO boost: Even if your business isn’t physically in LA, having a LA number can help your website rank higher in local searches.

Improved Customer Experience:

  • Faster response times: Customers expect a local business to pick up quickly. Call forwarding to your cell makes sure you never miss an important call.
  • Personalized touch: Tailor your voicemail greeting and customer service with LA-specific references for that extra bit of local charm.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Business image: A 213 number makes you seem more established, even if you’re a startup. This is especially helpful if you do business with other LA companies.
  • Multiple numbers: Some providers let you have multiple LA numbers that all ring the same phone. Great for testing ads, or having different numbers for sales, support, etc.

Features of 213 Area Code Phone Numbers

Features of 213 Area Code Phone Numbers

Think of a 213 Virtual number as more than just a way to get calls in LA. It comes with a toolkit that upgrades how you handle those calls! Here’s the kind of stuff you can expect:

  • Call Forwarding: Never miss a call because you’re away from your desk. Send calls to your cell, a coworker, wherever you need!
  • Voicemail: The classic, but essential. People can leave messages when you’re busy, and you get back to them quickly.
  • Virtual Receptionist: Sounds fancy, but it’s simple! A recorded message greets callers (“Thanks for calling [Your Business]… press 1 for sales…”) and gets them to the right person fast.
  • Call Recording: Great for training or if you need to double-check details a customer gave you. (Some areas have rules about this, so check those first).
  • Analytics: This is where it gets cool! See how many calls you get, when they come in busiest, etc. Helps you know when to have more staff on hand.
  • Messaging: Some plans let you text with customers too, which can be way more convenient for quick questions.

Important: Not every company offering Virtual numbers has ALL of these. That’s why you shop around for the plan that has the features you’ll actually use.

Where to Get Your 213 Phone Number

Several companies offer 213 area code numbers. Here’s a quick comparison to help narrow down your choices:

ProviderBest For…FeaturesStarting Price
VonageEstablished businesses wanting a reliable nameCall forwarding, voicemail, virtual receptionist$19.99/month
My Country MobileBudget-minded, needing other area codes tooToll-free, recording, analytics$3.99/month
TextnowStartups, customer texting importantGreetings, auto-attendant, routing$15.99/month
CallmamaTech-savvy businesses, advanced needsConferencing, screening, integrations$2.99/month

Things to keep in mind:

  • Features change: Plans get updated all the time, so double-check the provider’s website for the latest info before you buy.
  • “Need” vs. “Nice to have”: Don’t pay for features you won’t use. If you’re a solo operation, maybe a simple voicemail plan is all you need!
  • Room to grow: If you think you might need more lines or fancier features later, ask the provider about how easy it is to upgrade.

How 213 Area Code Phone Numbers Work

Think of a LA number as a special address for your phone line in Los Angeles. Here’s the simple version of what happens when someone calls you:

  1. The Call Starts: The person dials your 213 number.
  2. The Network Finds You: Big phone company computers figure out where that call needs to go, even if you’re not at your desk (they check if you’ve set up forwarding, etc.)
  3. Ring Ring! The call gets sent to your phone, wherever you’ve told it to go.

The Techy Stuff (that you mostly don’t need to worry about): There are a lot of fancy switches and servers that make this happen smoothly. That’s the phone company’s job, and why you pay them a monthly fee.

Extra Features:

  • Most 213 plans come with stuff like voicemail and the ability to forward calls to your cell if you’re out.
  • Some have even fancier options (recording calls, a robot answering to direct people, etc.), but those usually cost extra.

The Cost:

  • Monthly Fee: This is the main cost, and it changes depending on which company you choose and what features you want.
  • Setup Fee (Sometimes): A few companies charge a one-time fee to get you started.
  • Extra Features Cost More: Just like your cell phone bill, if you want fancy stuff, you’ll pay more each month.

Don’t just look at the price! Read reviews on how reliable a company is, and how good their customer service is if something goes wrong with your number.

Time Zone of the 213 Area Code

The 213 area code is in the Pacific Time Zone. This means:

  • Right Now: Check a site like Time is: [https://time.is/] to see the current, exact Los Angeles time.
  • Standard Time (most of the year): 213 area code is 8 hours behind UTC (also called GMT).
  • Daylight Saving Time (part of the year): 213 area code is 7 hours behind UTC.

Why This Matters

  • Calling Businesses: Be sure to call during their open hours in Pacific Time, not your time zone.
  • Meetings: When scheduling calls with people in the 213 area, always specify “Pacific Time” to avoid confusion.
  • Travel: If you’re going to LA, remember your phone might not switch time zones automatically!

Tip: Online tools can help! Search for “time zone converter” and you can put in your location and Los Angeles to avoid miscalculations.

When Was the 213 Area Code Created?

The 213 area code is one of the OGs of the phone world! It was created in 1947. Back then, it covered all of Southern California.

Why did LA need its own area code?

The city was booming! More people moving in meant more people needing phones. The 213 was created so LA could have enough phone numbers to keep up.

The 213: Smaller, but still mighty

Over the years, more area codes were added as LA kept growing (310, 818, etc.). Now, the 213 covers mostly downtown LA. It’s still super important though because it’s the heart of the city!

Timeline of Changes:

  • 1947: The 213 is born!
  • 1951: Orange County gets its code (714)
  • 1984: San Fernando Valley splits off (818)
  • 1991: More relief with the 310 code
  • 1998: The 323 code is added

Other LA Area Codes

The 213 is famous, but it’s not the only LA game in town! These codes cover nearby areas and are also considered “Los Angeles” by most people:

List of United States Area codes

Don’t Get Tricked by 213 Phone Scams

The 213 area code is Los Angeles, so scammers use it to seem legit. Protect yourself with these easy tips:

  • Don’t Answer = No Problem: Don’t recognize the number? Let it go to voicemail. If it’s important, they’ll leave a message.
  • “Who is this?” If you do answer, don’t give out ANY personal info (name, address, etc.) until YOU know who they are and why they’re calling.
  • Hang Up is OK: Feeling pressured or like something is off? It’s fine to hang up, even mid-call! Legit companies won’t get mad.
  • Doubt = Don’t: If a deal sounds too good to be true, or they threaten you if you don’t give them info… it’s a scam.
  • Do Not Call List: Put your number on the list: donotcall.gov. It won’t stop all scams, but it helps!

Report Scams!

If you think you’ve been targeted by a scammer, report it! This helps protect others:

Maximize Your LA Connections with a 213 Phone Number

A 213 area code isn’t just a number, it’s a marketing tool! Here’s how it helps your business:

  • Instant “We’re Local” Vibe: Customers trust LA businesses more. A virtual number shows you’re invested in the community.
  • Easier to Get in Touch: People are way more likely to call a number they recognize. Make it easy for them!
  • Stand Out: Lots of businesses could serve LA, but how many have a LA number? It shows you’re serious.

What to Do with Your 213 Number

  • Website & Ads: Put that number front and center!
  • Business Cards: Makes you look established, even if you’re new.
  • Local Directories: Get listed in LA-specific business directories, and the virtual number makes them trust your listing more.

Extra: Track Your Results!

Some phone providers let you have multiple numbers that all forward to the same line. Use this to test which ads work best! (Example: One number for your website, a different one for flyers, etc.)

Choosing the Right 213 Phone Number Provider

Here’s what to think about before you buy, to make sure your new number works hard for your business:

  • Is it even available? 213 is popular, so your dream number might be taken. Have a few backups in mind.
  • Room to Grow: Will you need more lines later? Some providers make it easier than others to add lines as your business gets bigger.
  • Does it play nice? Make sure your new number will work with your current phone system (if you have one).
  • What extras do you need? Call forwarding, fancy voicemail, etc., all cost more. Figure out what you’ll use before paying for it.
  • Price Check: Shop around! Plans change all the time, and one company’s “basic” might be way more than you need.
  • The Big Picture: How does a phone number fit into your overall marketing? Are you trying to seem like a local company, even if you’re not?

Tips for Using Your 213 Number

  • Show it off! Put that number on your website, business cards, ads… everywhere!
  • Other LA Area Codes: Depending on your business, it might be smart to have numbers in other LA codes too (like 310).
  • Voicemail Matters: Record a custom message that mentions Los Angeles, and gives people all the info they need to contact you.
  • Don’t Miss Calls: Set up forwarding so calls ring your cell when you’re out. Customers hate getting voicemail.
  • LA-Only Specials: Offer a discount or freebie just for people who call the LA phone number. Makes them feel special!

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Get Your Piece of the LA Market with a 213 Phone Number

A 213 area code isn’t just a number, it’s a shortcut to building trust with LA customers. It shows you understand the local market, and makes it easier for people to do business with you.

We’ve covered everything you need to know: the benefits, how they work, and even how to protect yourself from scams. Now, here’s what to do next:

  • Check out providers: We listed a few reputable ones earlier in the article. Compare their plans and features with what your business needs.
  • Snap up your number: Good LA phone  numbers can go fast, so don’t wait too long once you’ve made a decision.
  • Start promoting it! The sooner you get your new LA Phone number out in the world, the sooner it starts working for you!

Get an International Phone Number

213 Phone Number Solutions for Your LA Presence

Solution 1: Ringflow Cloud Contact Center

  • Target Audience: Mid-size and large enterprise customers seeking a full-featured contact center solution.
  • Features: Highlight the 100+ unified communication features. Emphasize the advantages of a comprehensive system.
  • Pricing: USD 4.99 per user, per month.
  • Call-to-Action: Try Ringflow free for 15 days and transform your LA business connections!

Solution 2: Callmama Mobile App

  • Target Audience: Individuals and small businesses needing convenient and affordable local numbers.
  • Features: Call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail (stress the core features).
  • Pricing: USD 1.50 per month with yearly service.
  • Call-to-Action: Reserve your 213 phone number before they’re all gone!


  • Instant LA Cred: Customers trust local businesses more.
  • Easier to Get in Touch: People are way more likely to call a number they recognize.
  • Stand Out: Shows you’re serious about serving the LA market.

Downtown LA and the areas right around it. Think Hollywood, Chinatown, etc.

  • Providers: Companies like My Country Mobile, Callmama, or Vonage. Shop around for the best price and features!

Basics like call forwarding and voicemail are usually included.  Fancier stuff (call recording, etc.) might cost extra.

  • Trust: Makes you seem like an established local company.
  • More Calls: People in LA are more likely to reach out.
  • Target Your Marketing: Use the 213 number in ads aimed at Los Angeles.

Things to Think About When Choosing

  • Is the number you want available?
  • Can you add more lines later?
  • Will it work with your current phone system?


  • Promote that number! Website, business cards, etc.
  • Localize your voicemail message
  • Offer LA-only specials