Best Virtual Number India for Calls & SMS in 2024

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The Benefits of IVR Systems

IVR systems, also known as interactive voice response systems, offer numerous benefits for businesses. They act as virtual receptionists, guiding callers to the right department or individual. This helps optimize call routing and ensures efficient customer service.

The Benefits of IVR Systems

Role of IVR as a virtual receptionist for directing calls to the right department

IVR systems play a crucial role in effectively managing incoming calls. By acting as a virtual receptionist, IVR systems can automatically direct callers to the appropriate department or individual based on their needs. This saves time and ensures that callers are connected to the right person without any hassle.

Cost-saving benefits by reducing the need for a large number of customer executives

Implementing an IVR system can help businesses reduce their reliance on a large number of customer executives. The system can handle basic customer inquiries, such as providing information about operating hours or account balances, without the need for human intervention. This not only saves costs associated with hiring and training customer executives but also improves efficiency by allowing them to focus on more complex customer issues.

Tracking potential leads outside business hours

IVR systems enable businesses to track potential leads even outside of regular business hours. By providing options for leaving voice messages or gathering contact information, IVR systems ensure that no potential lead goes unnoticed. This allows businesses to follow up with leads promptly, maximizing the chances of conversion.

Enabling call forwarding to avoid missing important calls

IVR systems offer call-forwarding functionality, allowing businesses to avoid missing important calls. Calls can be forwarded to alternate numbers or mobile devices, ensuring that every call is answered promptly. This helps businesses maintain a high level of customer service and captures every opportunity for engagement.

Simultaneously handling a high volume of calls efficiently

IVR systems excel at handling high call volumes efficiently. With advanced call queuing and routing capabilities, IVR systems can handle multiple incoming calls simultaneously. This eliminates the need for callers to wait for extended periods, improving the overall calling experience and ensuring that every call is handled promptly and effectively.

Improving Customer Service with IVR:

IVR systems play a crucial role in enhancing customer service by efficiently routing calls to skilled agents. This ensures that callers are connected to the right person, reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction.

One of the key advantages of IVR systems is their ability to increase the first call resolution rate. By using intelligent call routing algorithms, IVR systems can direct calls to agents who have the necessary skills and expertise to address customer inquiries or issues. This leads to faster issue resolution and a better customer experience.

Additionally, IVR systems provide self-service options that empower customers to access information and perform tasks without the need to speak to an agent. For example, customers can check their subscription status or account balances through automated prompts and menus. This not only saves time for both customers and agents but also offers convenience and flexibility.

By utilizing IVR technology, businesses can optimize their customer service operations, increase first call resolution rates, and provide self-service options that cater to the needs of their customers. This not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience.

List of Best Virtual Number India for Calls & SMS

In this section, we will explore the best virtual phone numbers in India for calls and SMS. Virtual phone numbers, also known as online phone numbers or VoIP numbers, are an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities. They provide a cost-effective way to establish a presence in India without the need for physical infrastructure. We will discuss the benefits of virtual numbers and their significance in the Indian market.

My Country Mobile’s Ringflow


Ringflow is one of the leading virtual number providers in India. They offer a range of virtual number services tailored to the needs of businesses. Some key features of Ringflow include call recording, call routing, and more. They offer competitive pricing plans that cater to different business sizes and requirements. Their virtual numbers are reliable, and they provide seamless calls and SMS services.

Key Features:

  1. Global Reach:
    • Provides virtual phone numbers in multiple countries for global communication.
  2. Powerful Dialing Solutions:
    • Advanced power dialer for efficient and systematic call handling.
  3. Customizable Smart Switch:
    • Intelligent call routing with customizable options for optimal connectivity.
  4. Flexible Call Forwarding:
    • Smart call forwarding options for dynamic call management.


  • User-Friendly and Scalable:
    • Easy-to-use interface for a smooth user experience.
    • Scalability to adapt to the growth of businesses.
  • Seamless Integration:
    • Integration capabilities with various applications and systems.
  • Secure Communication:
    • Emphasis on security measures to ensure safe and protected communication.

Pricing Plans:

  1. Bronze Plan – $X per User per Month:
    • Basic features are suitable for small businesses.
    • An affordable option with limited usage.
  2. Silver Plan – $X per User per Month:
    • Expanded features catering to growing business needs.
    • Increased usage limits and capabilities.
  3. Gold Plan – $X per User per Month:



CallHippo is a popular virtual number service provider that offers a comprehensive virtual phone system for businesses. They provide virtual numbers for businesses of all sizes, along with features like call analytics, call forwarding, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Their pricing plans are flexible and affordable, making them a suitable choice for startups and small businesses.

Key features:

  1. Power Dialer:
    • Efficient dialing system for improved call management.
  2. Smart Switch:
    • Intelligent call routing to enhance connectivity.
  3. Smart Call Forwarding:
    • Automated call forwarding for streamlined communication.
  4. Call Transfer:
    • Capability to transfer ongoing calls between team members.


  • Easy-to-Use, Scalable, and Secure:
    • User-friendly interface for a seamless experience.
    • Scalable to accommodate business growth.
    • Emphasis on security measures for secure communication.
  • Seamless Integration:
    • Integration capabilities with popular CRM tools.
    • Syncing of customer data for enhanced caller information.

Pricing Plans:

  1. Bronze Plan – $16 per User per Month:
    • Basic features are suitable for small businesses.
    • Cost-effective option with limited usage.
  2. Silver Plan – $24 per User per Month:
    • Expanded features catering to growing business needs.
    • Increased usage limits and capabilities.
  3. Platinum Plan – $40 per User per Month:
    • Advanced features designed for larger enterprises.
    • Comprehensive set of tools, priority support, and additional integrations.



The line is an innovative provider of virtual numbers in India. They specialize in Indian DID numbers, which are specific to different regions of the country. Line offers cloud telephony solutions that enable businesses to manage their communication seamlessly. Their virtual numbers provide reliable call quality and efficient call routing.

Key Features:


Instant messaging and sticker-based communication.

Voice and video calls:

Free voice and video calls between LINE users.


Service for making international calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Stickers and Emoticons:

Extensive library of stickers and emoticons for expressive communication.

Group Chats:

Create and participate in group chats for collaborative discussions.

Affordable international calls:

LINE Out offers competitive rates for international calls.

Line is available on various platforms, including mobile and desktop.

Line-Out Pricing:

Pricing for LINE Out is based on a credit system where users can purchase LINE Credit to make calls. Rates may vary depending on the country called.



Webex, a leading provider of virtual numbers, offers a range of advanced features for businesses in India. Their virtual numbers come with features like call recording, call analytics, and advanced call routing options. Webex offers competitive pricing plans and provides excellent user feedback.

Key Features:

  1. Virtual Numbers:
    • Provision of virtual phone numbers for business communication.
  2. Unified Communications:
    • Integration of voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools.
  3. Webex Calling:
    • Cloud-based calling service for making and receiving calls.
  4. Call Management:
    • Call forwarding, call transfer, and voicemail functionality.


  • Comprehensive Collaboration Suite:
    • Integration of various communication and collaboration tools.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security:
    • Security features to ensure the protection of communications.
  • Mobility and Flexibility:
    • Accessible through mobile and desktop apps for on-the-go communication.

Pricing Plans:

  1. Free Plan:
    • Basic features are available for free users.
    • Limited usage and functionality.
  2. Starter Plan:
    • Entry-level plan with expanded features.
    • Affordable pricing is suitable for small businesses.
  3. Business Plan:
    • Advanced features for growing businesses.
    • Enhanced collaboration tools and increased usage limits.
  4. Enterprise Plan:
    • Customized plans for large enterprises.
    • Premium fe