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Actual definition of a Business Telephone Number Powered by the Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) technology, business phone numbers are an innovative model of making and receiving phone calls over the Internet.


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The actual Meaning of a Business Phone number can be The virtual phone number, also known as VoIP-enabled businesses systems. As a result, these phone systems can offer features and benefits not available in traditional analog-based networks. Offers cloud-based VoIP phone services and a range of virtual mobile numbers to cater to small-time business needs. This is a reliable and inexpensive way for customers to contact your company via innovative phone plans. As a result, your business will never miss an important customer call.
Operates in over 100 countries and allows small businesses to set up virtual call centers to expand their reach to both local and global customers.

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VoIP-powered business phone systems have all the above benefits and significantly increase your business’s global reach and growth. A Virtual number can be the perfect business phone number.
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As a result, it can provide a fully functional number for your business.
First, let’s you register to buy a business telephone number in the country of your choosing. Then, configure and increase the number of users required to the same number. Finally, choose the best Business Telephone Number Plan (Basic, Bronze, Silver, or Platinum). It will meet your business needs.

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Call forwarding – Never Miss your Call This facility allows customers to send incoming calls directly to their mobile numbers. Your business phone system can provide superior call clarity to mobile phones. However, call clarity can affect depending on where your service provider is located. This is especially true for essential conference calls between service providers and customers.
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Customer service at an affordable price Your business phone number provides 24-hour access for your clients, domestic and international—contact customers from more than 50 countries. The monthly cost starts at Lower call charges VoIP-enabled VoIP phones can make international and local calls cheaper, as small business calls are charged according to their local rates as per the market.

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The numbering plan includes Free PBX with over 25 Features, Including Call Recording and Call forwarding, Voicemail, Call waiting, Virtual Assistance, Call-queuing, and Many more.
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Call Recording: Personal and Business Call Recording

Call Recording is very easy to use. You can set all your calls to record automatically. This feature has no additional cost per month, including with Monthly Plan at 4.99.

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Can provide the following types of business phone systems ad models depending on your business requirements: Customers can use local numbers to connect to businesses in a specific city or area.

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Customer can Port their existing phone number with MCM and start savings. Please get in touch with us and provide your current phone numbers, and we will port your number to MCM Platform

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Toll-free numbers can be used to boost customer engagement. In addition, you can make or receive calls via an online phone number. This allows your small business to provide 24x7 connectivity and enhance communication

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In addition, the voicemail option will enable you to encourage customers to leave a message. Finally, On-hold audio allows you to keep your customers occupied while you address their queries.

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The voice messaging feature allows you to set up a standard and custom message for customers calling. Portability allows you to quickly transfer your virtual phone number to another service provider.

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