My Country Mobile's Commitment to Combatting Illegal Robocalls

My Country Mobile, ITG a leading telecommunications service provider, is steadfast in its commitment to upholding the integrity of telecommunications and protecting our customers from illegal robocalls and fraud. Recognizing the significant threat posed by these unwanted local calls, we have taken rigorous steps to identify, mitigate, and prevent such activities on our network. 


Support for the Industry Traceback Group (ITG)

My Country Mobile is registered with ITG, fully complying with its protocols to report any traceback request that arises. Our collaboration with ITG underscores our dedication to tracing and eliminating the sources of illegal robocalls by leveraging ITG’s comprehensive traceback investigations. This is vital in our ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and trustworthy communication environment for all our users.

Zero Tolerance Policy

My Country Mobile has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal robocalls, unwanted local calls, and caller ID spoofing. We take strict action against any individual or company attempting to transmit fraudulent calls through our network. Such entities are immediately shut down and permanently barred from doing business with us. Our commitment to maintaining a clean network is unwavering, and we are dedicated to enforcing these policies rigorously to protect our customers and the integrity of our services.


Advanced Security Measures

To further our fight against illegal robocalls, My Country Mobile has implemented several advanced security measures


Firewall Protection

Our sophisticated firewall systems are designed to detect and block suspicious call activities, preventing them from reaching our customers.

Commitment ITG Top#1 Best Combatting Illegal Robocalls

Fraud Call Detection Tools

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we deploy fraud call detection tools that analyze call patterns and identify potential threats in real-time.


Enhanced Call Authentication

Create engaging messages with interactive buttons, allowing customers to take specific actions directly from the message.

Commitment ITG Top#1 Best Combatting Illegal Robocalls

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis

Our team continuously monitors network traffic for signs of fraudulent activities, using data analysis to improve our defense mechanisms against robocalls.

Our Pledge

My Country Mobile is committed to leading the charge against illegal robocalls and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers. By partnering with the ITG, enforcing strict policies against fraudsters, and employing advanced security measures, we are dedicated to providing a secure, reliable telecommunications environment. Our efforts to combat these threats are ongoing, as we constantly evolve our strategies and technologies to stay ahead of illegal activities.

Combating Robocalls: My Country Mobile's
Commitment to Security

My Country Mobile’s stringent security measures and zero-tolerance policy, exemplify our unwavering commitment to combating illegal robocalls. We believe in creating a secure and trustworthy telecommunications ecosystem, where our customers can communicate freely without the fear of fraud. Together, we are making significant strides towards eradicating these malicious practices from our networks.