Wholesale Termination Providers

A wholesale termination service providers handles the technical tasks of providing terminating services. However, My Country mobile(MCM) wholesale termination service usually charges a fixed monthly fee independent of the number of calls dealt with, and there is no termination charge applied when the rings are dialed from the carrier's network.

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Who Uses My Country Mobile Wholesale Termination?

Wholesale termination providers provide service to carriers, communications companies, and resellers. Meanwhile, These professionals help the business avoid the hassle of getting involved in the hardware, setup, and maintenance and help with the network needs. While anyone can use MCM Wholesale Termination, it’s most beneficial to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and anyone in the marketing business.

An MCM Wholesale Termination is used by those who are engaged in the business of wholesale. Therefore, wholesale traders can benefit from using the Wholesale Termination Provider for any connection. For instance, they can also benefit from using the Wholesale Termination Provider for international and domestic calls.

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VOIP Wholesale Features

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SIP Trunking

My Country Mobile is a leading provider of SIP Trunking services. A SIP trunk is a secure internet protocol-based trunk. It is an IP trunk that uses SIP signaling protocol to carry voice.

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VoIP Traffic

VoIP traffic is purchased in bulk and is used for reselling purposes. Not all mobile phones can call internationally, which is why you should use MCM to call your loved ones.

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Calling Card

A calling card stores calling card numbers for international calls provided by My Country Mobile. You can store numbers for multiple countries & it will connect automatically.

PSTN Termination

PSTN Termination is a service that allows you to terminate calls from the public telephone network to your office or PBX and to have the signal converted from PSTN to VoIP.
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What are the benefits of MCM Wholesale Termination Providers?

My Country Mobile wholesale termination is a company that delivers several minutes in bulk to overseas telecommunications carriers. This helps serve overseas customers and provides you with a good business relationship. It is better to use a wholesale termination provider as they are cheaper. They offer more affordable rates to different telecom providers and implement these rates. 

MCM is a trusted third party that will provide you with a direct connection to carriers (Internet backbone providers).

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