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Looking for a reliable way to transfer voice calls over the internet? Look no further than the Voice PRI Association. This cutting-edge technology allows for secure and seamless voice transmission between individuals and businesses, regardless of their location. Compatible with a variety of applications, it’s the perfect solution for both local and long-distance communication needs. And with the ability to integrate with an IP PBX radiophone system, using IP network technology to make calls has never been easier or more efficient. Don’t hesitate; get started with a VOIP PRI Association today and experience the benefits for yourself.

“Get the benefits of an ISDN T1 with the added perks of an IP T1, including improved scalability and flexible connections. Enjoy fixed alarm systems and Caller ID, without the need for a traditional phone line association. All lines can be referred to as IP, Flex, or Dynamic. Discover the better way to communicate.”

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