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A PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is a powerful phone system that offers 23 voice and data channels, referred to as B stations. In contrast, ISDN only provides one channel for signaling, known as a D station. Businesses utilize ISDN connections to establish both local and long-distance voice connections. These connections also facilitate potential applications like video conferencing and scalability.


The ISDN T1 is a powerful PBX telephone system that offers extended call capabilities over traditional voice T1 lines. In addition to lightning-fast call setup and retrieval, the ISDN T1 boasts impressive features like guest character and direct inward dialing (DID) for individual ISDN connections. Plus, terms like T1 Trunk, Voice T1, Long Distance T1, and T1 Trunk and Voice T1 all refer to various types of T1 lines. Explore the many benefits of the ISDN T1 today!

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