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Point To Point DS3

Private affiliations can be securely connected between two locations at speeds of 45Mbps with Point To Point DS3 licenses. These closed-connection data transport affiliations are not connected to the Internet, making them highly secure and eliminating the need for data encryption. Compared to component Ethernet, they offer faster information transmission speeds and unrivalled quality of affiliation (QoS). With a direct, secure connection path regardless of circumstances, these component alliances require no additional support beyond their exceptional performance.

Our powerful component center DS3 data networks provide secure relationships for various applications, including big players like Visa. By utilizing our network, affiliates can easily share reports, receive data sponsorship, and even leverage VOIP capabilities. Additionally, our state-of-the-art feature circuits allow for seamless transmission of voice, video, and data across corresponding component affiliations. You may also hear our network referred to as T3, private, leased or Data DS3.

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