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Connect to Multiple Districts with MPLS IP VPN for Added Security
Experience secure interfacing with two districts per country while enjoying individual VPN packages with MPLS IP VPN connection. Cross-encode your associations on customer switches and enable optimized VPN through an alliance-based MPLS VPN switch. Enjoy the convenience of VPN networks provisioned over Internet-T1 lines or a private MPLS association. Ethernet NxT1 and DS3 connections also open up similar opportunities for secure data transfer.

VPN affiliations are assigned and classified based on their quality of service (CoS). They are utilized to prioritize time-sensitive data and optimize their organization. By creating strong and secure VPN connections for a variety of applications, such as record sharing, Visa processing, and remote access, affiliates enable businesses to benefit from voice, internet, and IP VPN services that can be managed with an integrated phone system. These affiliations can be established through an MPLS circuit or circuit.

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