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Core Definition

Internet web conferencing is the use of internet-based technology to facilitate real-time virtual meetings, presentations, and collaborations. Participants connect from any location using computers, tablets, or smartphones and interact using audio, video, screen sharing, text chat, and other features provided by specialized web conferencing software.

Benefit Definition

Internet web conferencing eliminates geographical restrictions, enabling seamless communication and collaboration for remote teams, clients, and partners. It saves time and money associated with travel, facilitates knowledge sharing, and streamlines decision-making. This technology is versatile, supporting use cases like business meetings, online training, customer support, and large-scale webinars.

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Technical Definition

Internet web conferencing relies on web conferencing software that runs on servers or in the cloud. Participants connect using web browsers or dedicated apps, and the system handles the transmission of audio, video, and data streams. These platforms often integrate with other communication tools like email, calendars, and VoIP for a seamless experience.

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