What Is An Internet
Video Conference?

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Core Definition

An internet video conference is a virtual meeting facilitated through the internet, where remote participants interact in real-time using both audio and video transmissions. This form of conferencing enables simulated face-to-face meetings, regardless of individuals’ physical locations.

Benefit Definition

Internet video conferences offer advantages over traditional in-person meetings, primarily eliminating the need for travel, thereby saving time and costs. They foster remote collaboration, facilitate instant decision-making, and  offer a more engaging experience due to the visual communication component compared to voice-only conferences.

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Technical Definition

Internet video conferences rely on various hardware and software components. Participants require devices with webcams and microphones, video conferencing software (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet), and a reliable internet connection. The software manages the capture, compression, transmission, and decoding of audio and video data over the internet to enable a seamless virtual meeting experience.

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