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PRI Circuit

If you’re looking for a phone connection that can handle up to 23 voice and data stations, then a PRI Circuit (Primary Rate Interface) might be just what you need. With an integrated ISDN station, you can easily make local or long-distance calls, as well as take advantage of other applications like video conferencing. Simplify your communications and get connected with a PRI Circuit.

Discover the amplified power of ISDN T1 lines compared to standard voice lines. By establishing and isolating calls faster than T1 filaments, ISDN T1 enables you to enhance communication channels. With Visitor ID and Straightforward inward dialing (DID) facilitated through each D course motioning over ISDN, the empowering benefits of ISDN T1 are undeniable. Explore options such as Digital T1, Voice, Local T1, and Long Distance lines available through T1.

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