VoIP Virtual Auto Attendant

VoIP Virtual Auto Attendant software program software will greet you and answer your calls earlier based on the type of menu desired. My Country Mobile phones also include VoIP automobile attendants and many more competencies. Your digital cellphone attendant will help save you time and money.​

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A virtual telephone attendant is an attendant who greets, therefore calls, and allows them to choose which branch or extension they want. My Country Mobile offers unlimited caller menu creation and many cloud PBX capabilities at no extra cost. Our cloud-based automated therefore agent lets you control automated forwarding policies, as well voicemail characteristics, names recordings, and more. In addition, my Country Mobile can help you purchase or port a cell phone large variety. This will allow you to test the auto-attendant software program free of charge.​

Virtual attendants can set up automated greetings and even create custom receptionist menus. This allows you to provide personalized service. Virtual attendants are available in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. They are free of charge with all My Country Mobile smartphones or VoIP plans. A well-organized computerized receptionist can make your callers’ experience more pleasant by prioritizing self-service, reducing call transfers, and prioritizing VIP callers. Our online vehicle attendant software program program is straightforward and comes stylishly with all phone plans. You can offer many call attendant choices and courses to your clients. ​

Domestic Toll Free Numbers

Phone Systems For VoIP Virtual Auto Attendant

Cloud Auto Attendant is a free service that My Country Mobile offers. It gives you more than 20 smartphone tool options. My Country Mobile provides the best-quality car-attendant software for enterprise organizations. You can also get VoIP mobile telephone numbers for up to one hundred seventy+ other countries. It is similar to cloud contact software. Your cloud-based car assistant gadget can route inbound calls. ​


My Country Mobile has a VoIP car attendant as an optional business function for industrial employers. It comes with every cellular Smartphone amount. It could also be known as an automatic phone attendant, virtual receptionist, etc. You can use it to send a personalized greeting or offer them several options.

Then, depending on what they request, your digital cellular telephone assistant will forward calls to your superb purchaser, voicemail queue, or additional menu number options. You can modify your car-attendant device options from there. It is possible to direct calls based entirely on what the callers pick out.

My Country Mobile offers virtual car attendant services at no extra cost to customers who purchase or transfer a cell range. Phone numbers will vary depending on the type of phone you are buying and Voice how many you wish to keep. Your login credentials are contained in the email that you receive following.


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