VoIP Termination Wholesale

VoIP termination wholesale is an industry that revolves around VoIP. Therefore, it is essential to understand the cost of starting this business and how to manage it. This will outline the steps required to set up a VoIP termination service and run it successfully. However, Many companies are using the VoIP Termination services provided by My Country Mobile(MCM).


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Who uses My Country Mobile VoIP Termination Wholesale?

Many people use MCM VoIP termination wholesale, including small businesses and large corporations. Individuals, as well as service providers, can also use it. Meanwhile, VoIP termination can help SMEs save significant amounts on their monthly phone bills. However, They can change their existing phone system to VoIP or replace it with a VoIP-based system and save money on their phone bills. 

Our VoIP termination services will help your company increase its VoIP calling capabilities. Meanwhile, Our termination services are a gateway between your company’s VoIP network and public switched telephone networks (PSTN).


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SIP Termination - My Country Mobile

Calling Card

A calling card stores calling card numbers for international calls provided by My Country Mobile. Meanwhile, You can store numbers for multiple countries & it will connect automatically.

VoIP Termination Wholesale

PSTN Termination

PSTN Termination is a service that allows you to terminate calls from the public telephone network to your office or PBX and to have the signal converted from PSTN to VoIP.

VoIP Termination Wholesale

VoIP Traffic

VoIP traffic that is purchased in bulk and is used for reselling purposes. Not all mobile phones can call internationally, which is why you should use MCM to call your loved ones.
VoIP Termination Wholesale

Telecom Termination

A telecom termination or interconnection is a service that allows two network operators to exchange traffic without incurring the cost of long-distance calls

What are the benefits of MCM VoIP Termination Wholesale?

VoIP resellers have the potential to add value to their VoIP wholesale termination service by becoming experts in assisting VoIP providers win VoIP business. Meanwhile, They can also assist VoIP customers by providing competitive pricing, professional sales and customer support, and reliable performance.

VoIP wholesale termination can help you save up to 40% over direct termination rates. Therefore, We want to make the VoIP termination process transparent and straightforward.


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We offer the best VoIP Termination Wholesale experience with unbeatable quality and the lowest price in India. In addition, we offer the cheapest international calling rates.



We have dedicated staff and infrastructure to provide the best wholesale VoIP services available in the market. However, Our expertise lies internationally.


My Country Mobile is the top-rated wholesale VoIP interconnection service provider in the country. Meanwhile, We provide a solution for every.



MCM is a VoIP Wholesale Least Count Routing (LCR) service, provider. However, Our services enable the carriers to connect with their subscribers.

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