Voice Termination Business

Voice Termination is the business of receiving a telephone call, transcribing the contents of that call, and sending an email with a summary of the call. Anywhere in the world, at any time, there are people who can’t talk on the phone right now and need an accurate written record of their conversation.


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Who uses My Country Mobile Voice Termination Business?

Voice Termination Business is used by Call Centers, IVRS Providers, or any other organization that places 2-way calls. Instead of hiring in-house IVR specialists, they can now outsource it to a third-party vendor. My Country Mobile is an online platform that provides global calling services at low and competitive rates. We are one of the pioneers in this business. You will be surprised at how we can give you cheap calls and excellent service.

My Country Mobile is a VoIP service provider After that has been servicing its customers for over a decade now. The page will cover the benefits of using VoIP services and how it has helped the business.

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SIP Termination - My Country Mobile

Voice termination

My Country Mobile offers the lowest rates for voice calls from anywhere and text messages to any mobile or landline worldwide, you can even get free incoming calls.



We bring you a great VoIP service, with a variety of calling plans and Card options to choose. Our calling cards and flat rates to save 90% on your international calls.



We work closely with our customers to build customized solutions that fit their needs and budget, enabling them to offer competitive communication services.

SIP Termination

Speed is a factor in the success of VoIP, If a user wants the best quality of voice and communication they need to look at the speed of their internet connection.
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What are the benefits of MCM Voice Termination Business?

My Country Mobile is a leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) with the largest independent telecom backbone and one of the fastest mobile data networks in the Philippines. It delivers affordable, high-quality voice and data services to people who are underserved by traditional players.

It is a simple process of using internet phone technology to make foreign countries. This is considered a cheap way to make international calls because it allows you to terminate the calls in your country and re-route the call from your local internet telephone system.


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We offer the best Wholesale VoIP experience with unbeatable quality and the lowest price in India. We offer the cheapest international calling rates.



We have dedicated staff and infrastructure to provide the best wholesale VoIP services available in the market. Our expertise lies in international.


My Country Mobile is the top-rated wholesale VoIP interconnection service provider in the country. We provide a solution for every.



MCM is a VoIP Least Count Routing (LCR) service, provider. Our services enable the carriers to connect with their subscribers.

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