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Virtual phone number for ecommerce Jeff Pulver ( is the chair and publisher of Voice on the Net. “IP communications can be disruptive communication in the most positive way, and it will drastically improve the ways we communicate.

Did you ever wonder what holds your e commerce company back from reaching its full potential? The answer is the lack of VoIP technology or virtual telephone systems.

The use of Virtual Phone Numbers in the E-Commerce Industry is like a magic. That can enhance the efficiency of your business.

But how? We have compiled a comprehensive tutorial on virtual phone systems used to help your business grow. Your business will be able to reap the rewards of e-commerce phone services.

  • Smooth integration
  • Remote Access
  • Long-term financial success
  • Team collaboration
  • Increased customer retention
  • It can lead to an enormous increase in working efficiency, corporate productivity, and overall organizational efficiency.

virtual phone number for ecommerce

Today, internet phone services (or broadband phones) are the latest trendsetters all over the globe. They offer the best customer support experience regardless of geographic boundaries and time frames. By 2027 the worldwide VoIP calling market will reach $183.7Billion. This internet-bas phone system is accessible worldwide and can be tailored to suit the needs of any business.

This internet based calling system has a global presence and is easy to customize as per the need of the business.

Table of Content hides benefits of Virtual Phone System for E-Commerce1. Call forwarding. VOIP Call Recording4. Automated greeting5. Automated attendant6 Host business conference phone calls with ease7. Improved CRM8.

Benefits of a virtual phone number for ecommerce

The VoIP system provides a lot of benefits over the conventional call system based on this parameter. Custemers friendly research shows that VoIP can be a critical cost-saving tool for e companies.

It allows them to switch from traditional calling systems to virtual ones.  Instead of spending money every minute calling, the company only needs to make one investment at VoIP installation. This creates long-term financial savings.

  Call forwarding (virtual phone number for ecommerce)

Are you still reminiscing about the last time you missed your main client because you could not attend his call? It’s not the end of the world. Virtual phone numbers make it easy to forward your route calls to personal and responsive phone numbers. This ensures that your customer has a better experience with your around-the-clock, worldwide presence.

  VOIP Recording

Virtual phone systems can help you to train customer service representatives by giving you the best case examples. In addition, the conversations between you and your customers can be recorded for future reference. These recordings can also be used in training sessions as real examples.

Voice over internet protocol call recording first used by call center operators and is now being used for all business types.

  Automated greeting

However How you greet others can determine how long-term and successful relationships will be. To keep this in mind, e-commerce phone services are customize to greet each caller individually.

In addition to this, calls are often answered with pleasant music  until a human contact arrives.

  Auto attendant

You are well aware that the eCommerce industry is not tied to time. However, customers are demanding that customer support personnel be available at all times. To replicate human support even when they are not available, VoIP technology employs an interactive google Voice Response System. This feature reduces the need for human staff while also meeting specific basic business communication demands.

  Host Business Conference Calls with Ease

Therefore The virtual local number allows the business to be connected in many different ways throughout their day. One of the best benefits of e-commerce telephone systems is their ability to facilitate conference calls.

You can easily have a business call or business number. It’s all  with more people than just one person without considering meeting space and location. VoIP conferencing saves time and money, and you can access both audio or video calls.

  CRM improvements

Therefore A virtual phone system allows CRM teams to have an up-to-date record of customer interactions. A company can notify their customer at regular intervals about service status, However which ensures customer engagement.

  Toll-free phone service

Your customer may be located in a different part of the country. They might still need to communicate with you by phone. They will not do this because of the high costs associated with telecoms.

Virtual numbers can us by businesses to reduce call costs on both the company and customer sides. However VoIP systems can provide your client with toll-free vanity numbers at no additional charge. Aside from that, your ads using toll-free numbers will bring in more customers and prospects.

Businesses have the option to choose 800 toll-free numbers that are powered by VoIP technology. Many service providers offer toll-free numbers in a service based package. That package includes benefits like free calls, toll-free call forwarding, SMS facilities and other features.

Businesses do not have to pay an additional fee for additional features. They also get the added benefit of ancillary communications services.

Remote Access Remote Access virtual phone number for ecommerce

However Given the current pandemic situation, 2020-2021, virtual phones have become a necessity. VoIP calling makes it possible to connect to the entire network of customers without delay, even from faraway locations.

Moreover, these virtual numbers can purchase at a much lower price. The expectation of customer service has raise by the increased availability and need for online shopping.

Start looking for the best virtual numbers providers. If your business is having difficulties due to a lack of full-time support (incoming calls/receive calls). So, it has many options available such as text messages. You can match them to your small business needs before you commit to anyone.

Therefore We’d love to hear your thoughts on your chosen virtual telephone system and how it helped you grow your business. In addition, we also, would love to hear about your experience with virtual phone systems(In mobile apps also).