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Get a Virtual Phone Number Benin in just a few dollars per month to get your Benin telephone number and get free calls. You will get the same experience if you call your Benin virtual phone number as if you were calling a local number.


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Buy a Benin phone number, and local phone number from here. Everybody worldwide can get a number to Benin. Our providers must know who are our subscribers. Get Voice Response, Call Recording, Premium Package at $4.99 for each number/month.

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Call Benin virtual number using our Android and iOS apps. All calls to your number are recorded. You have the option of showing one or both. For all calls you make, you will be charged the global calls. Voice response is possible on your phone number. 

Call record can be enabled only if you have the Premium or the Business packages for international calls. Only use call recording when it is possible to do so without violating any laws in either the country the number is from or the country you (and the person with whom you are talking) reside. These are the subscription options. 

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